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I think there may have been something wrong with my ex boyfriend's penis. His penis was always very wet with a clear sticky fluid. His penis tasted absolutely disgusting. He never ejaculated during the time that I was with him, not even during sex. My current boyfriend never has a wet penis and there's no taste. I've talked to other male friends who all said that dry and tasteless is normal. Could he have had an STI? Should I get tested or is there something else wrong with him? Would really appreciate any help I can get or if people could tell me if this is normal. Thanks.
Hi Kjim

A penis often has what is referred to as pre-*** when arroused. It is not to say tgat it will always be there but it is definately a sign you turned him on.

Clear diacharge also occurs with the std chlamydia but in very low quantity and uaually in the morning.

If the whole tip was wet then it sounds like pre-***.

The smell can be fungus or bacteria.
If you are feeling insecure about this situation having a blood test done can help you overcome your fears completely. CJBa most probably was right, it could also have been premature ejeculation which explains why he could never ejeculate in normal sexual encounters. No matter what his problem was you must get over this as soon as possible to get your life back and be happy in your present relationship without any worries.

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