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Tight Balls
Jun 10, 2008
... Hi, I am 23 and have had a concern about my balls being tight 98% of the time! Is this normal as i have experienced this all my life? I am 6"7 medium build (0 replies)
... t's only since the vasectomy, and I'm sure you are, that's unusual and is a new one on me. I have heard of undescended testicles in young boys and even when your balls will temporarily "jump" back up in you sometimes. Mine go back up inside sometimes when masturbating. ... (1 replies)
... My balls have sat so high in my crotch since my vasectomy 2 years ago that I now get chafing in my crotch. Is this normal and what can I do about it. ... (1 replies)

... Jon, I too have balls that used to be very tight to my body, and ov er time I have managed to stretch my scrotum a bit so they now hang lower. ... (9 replies)
... I have wore tidywhities all my life. and I am big balls and all but I can not wear boxers because everything bangs together. your underwear has nothing to do with your size. ... (7 replies)
Tight balls
Oct 8, 2004
... u don't have any pain, I wouldn't worry about it. Like the previous poster said, stress will cause that to happen. I've heard of a few guys out there that have tight sctoums most of the time, perhaps due to low body temperature in that region? ... (7 replies)
Tight balls
Oct 3, 2004
... Having a tight sack is a normal reaction for guys due to cold, fright, stress, etc--nothing to worry about. It's nature's way of protecting our equipment when we sense danger of any kind--including stress. Anything from a cold shower to real nervousness, to outright anxiety or stress can cause it. I agree it "feels" and "looks" funny, but I guess it's best to trust what... (7 replies)
Tight balls
Sep 28, 2004
... so, having ur "bag" tight all the time increases erections? ... (7 replies)
Tight balls
Sep 28, 2004
... Funny you should mention that. I recently had my vascectomy done and the doc asked if my bag was always that tight and if it ever hanged more that it did that day. ... (7 replies)
Tight balls
Sep 27, 2004
... I think you will notice that after you ejaculate that the bag relaxes and feels empty so that the balls hang loose. As you get horny again, the bag will draw up around the balls so that the balls feel full. ... (7 replies)
Tight balls
Sep 27, 2004
... Are you speaking of "tight" when just before ejaculation or at other times? (7 replies)
Tight balls
Sep 27, 2004
... Does anyone ever get "tight balls", where the scrotom gets tight around your balls like when its cold outside. I have been really stressed out lately and have been noticing this. How do I make this stop and is it normal. ... (7 replies)
Red balls?
Mar 4, 2004
... It is not all that abnormal..... Shaving can cause irritation, it could be a fungal infection, it could be a number of things. If it bothers you, see a doctor. (1 replies)
Red balls?
Mar 3, 2004
... well i just noticed that my balls are little red? ... (1 replies)
... Frequently, my scrotum gets very tight around my balls and the outside skin of the scrotum gets thick. And the penis gets very small. It is similar to what happens when I am swimming in cold water. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for your response! Not having enough time was never the issue. I remember a couple times where we would be going for over an hour without me ever feeling like i was ever getting close to finishing. there was definitely a difference in feeling & sensitivity between using a condom and not, however I know we usually used a condom and I'm not sure if we ever had sex for... (4 replies)
... Mine too, is a tight circumcision that can be a little painful when pulled back too far. ... (4 replies)
... hicks use them instead of bikinis. Whenever I masturbate nowadays, I feel like is dangerous. This is what I do. I use those cups that are supposed to protect the balls and I stuff them with layers of thick sanitary pads. I then put on a really tight one piece swimsuit while I'm clutching the cup with the pads onto my penis. ... (0 replies)
... Oh my.. i never thought i'd find someone who has the legit almost identical sexual libido as mine. You're libido is literally like mine except you're male. I started masturbating at a very young age also, about 5 or 6 and yes lmao it was like a tickle. I am really horny all the time and continuously get wet especially in my classes or when i'm procrastinating and am crunching... (6 replies)
... ge, or going and hiding under a blanket the whole day. Because of the lack of ejaculation these days I get aroused extremely quickly and easily, it feels like my balls are extremely tight, and a feeling of pressure behind my groin. ... (6 replies)

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