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... It sounds to me to be more likely an injury rather than an infection. If you are rough with your penis it can be bruised like any other body part. If this is the case it should gradually recover over the next few days. ... (1 replies)
... hat doctors usually treatment both chlamydia and gonorrhea together by administering a shot and pills. I didn't get a shot just the pills. I'm worried because my penis shaft and uretha is now black and blue and sore. It hurts a little even when I'm sitting. ... (1 replies)
... Actually I always thought it was kind of cool and different and wished I had a blue penis. Your doctor is right, relax man.. ... (5 replies)

Blue penis
Nov 28, 2006
... It's just that upon regular inspection of my penis I never had the discoloration. I understand it's probably normal for some men during erection but never was for me. ... (7 replies)
Blue penis
Nov 25, 2006
... Did not mean to be demeaning. I just meant that regular inspection of your erect penis might have caused you to observe the situation sooner. Sorry for any msunderstanding. OK ? ... (7 replies)
Blue penis
Nov 25, 2006
... The head of my penis suddenly appeared bluish, suddenly... ... (7 replies)
Blue penis
Nov 22, 2006
... Yes Orion, that's what I'm talking about. Bluish, purple, or reddish. It wasn't on the shaft. Mine isn't usually that color, I noticed it suddenly. It was deep purple, maybe blue. Unusual for me. As I said, slightly engorged, more sensitive. Any suggestions? Thanks. -h (7 replies)
Blue penis
Nov 20, 2006
... red color especially around the rim and head of the penis but not usually on the shaft. Is that what you are talking about? ... (7 replies)
Blue penis
Nov 20, 2006
... Blue anything tends to be an indicator of low oxygen levels in the blood. I would get down to the docs asap. (7 replies)
Blue penis
Nov 19, 2006
... I have heard that some men have blue penises, like the color of blood before it hits the air.. ... (7 replies)
... maybe over 10 years. I don't know if it could be blue balls... ... (10 replies)
... Was laying in bed with my girlfriend and she accidentally elbowed me right in the erect penis. Like a perfect shot right ontop of the head. So here we are again. Penis head has been a dark blueish color and somewhat painful sometimes. Other times it seems perfectly normal, minus a tint of the discoloration. ... (0 replies)
... This continued and was unable to enjoy sex, my penis would swell down after a couple of days. In the end i tried other condoms etc and same thing. ... (1 replies)
Swollen penis
Dec 19, 2012
... Hello Sriva, It sounds as though you may have taken Cialis or Viagra. Priapism is an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours and is considered a medical emergency. Just pay attention to your erection after intercourse and if it doesn't go down to a flaccid state within 4 hours, you should go to the ER. You should consult your doctor if this happens again as priapism... (11 replies)
... e stimulated. People who are into the denial thing hardcore sometimes use ice packs around the penis, to deny the man as much pleasure as possible by keeping the penis desensitized during the milking. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I observed this problem while taking a bath: I had several dozens of small white "pieces" on the head of my penis. Looks like either very small pieces/shreads of paper tissue or small white powder or tiny pieces of skin? They are not round, rather like something hardened... might be seminal liquid hardened? I had only protected sex, but had skin contact... (0 replies)
... it's slightly harder than the rest of the penis when flaccid. ... (0 replies)
... theres still pain slightly stinging but strong other then that i think your right! when i took a shower, below the tip of the penis, has turned blue! is it a bruise? i think so! damn hope nothing hits it any time soon :/ (2 replies)
... You also say, "I'm very afraid to keep it fully open like that for too long, because the bottom of my penis head looks dark blue color, as if all that foreskin is cutting of proper blood stream. ... (1 replies)
... played for a while, she got on top of me and started simulating sex, it started to work, but the problem I'm facing is that, when my foreskin is removed from the penis head to the max, it hurts! skin, there, is just too sensitive, I can barely stand this discomfort. ... (1 replies)

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