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... I'm having an unusual 'tugging' sensation as I build up to orgasm... ... (1 replies)
... Take your time while masturbating. Let the feeling build up, but stop before an ejaculation is inevitable. This way, you get to know your body. Do it several times, before you allow yourself to ejaculate, each time you masturbate. ... (7 replies)
... m 19 years old, and really ever since I began masturbating, which has probably been for around 5 years, it hurts for me to build up and ejaculate. The penis head is very sensitive anyway. ... (1 replies)

... My guess is that you just naturally hold it in to lengthen the sensation and that the muscles naturally stiffen up. This is likely to make you ejaculate harder due to the pressure and I wouldnt worry. If that is not the case then maybe it is just the tube that goes from the testis to the penis; it goes inwards before it loops round where pressure will build up near the muscles... (5 replies)
... Sometimes durring sex, I can feel the urge coming, but then, it goes nowhere, and I end up just...stopping, and she understands that I just want it to happen, but it doesnt. ... (10 replies)
... spoon full most of the time and the texture will vary..I ask my Dr bout that he said it's just a mixture of precum mix up with the seman and some big medical word testrones or somethinghe said..but he simply told me its not any thing to worry bout. ... (7 replies)
... and stop at the point of no return. I'll go ahead and get a little soft and then start again. A lot of it is learning to control certain muscles. As you build up to ejaculation, you can feel the muscles you are using. If you can keep from contracting these muscles, you stand a better chance of lasting longer. ... (7 replies)
... Very common, specially in virgins or guys new to sex. It will get better with time and practise. From all the information you provided in your post, you have no physical sexual defect, since you can masterbate for 30 mins etc. The best advice I can give you is to build up confidence in this area(because your premature ejaculation is all mental). Best for you would be to if you... (4 replies)
... Hey bud, I'm uncut too and that doesn't have anything to do with this. There are some things you can do...look up Kegel exercises...this is a muscle that helps us delay things when we feel an ejaculation starting. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, How much would you say a lot is? tons? I think its different with each one of us the stamina....the longer it takes the more I ejaculate which is usally a lot and a big mess! but not tons...he he he (7 replies)
... Does the volume build up if you guys don't masturbate or have sex for a few days? ... (7 replies)
... soon as you feel you are about to climax, pull out, like you normally would. As soon as you pull out, squeeze, and suck. suck in Untill you feel you have enough build up......Just like the kid stuck in the tube in willy wonka and the chocolate factory........... ... (15 replies)
... searched and found lots of topics on it, but none really give any techniques that have been tried and proven.. ive tried contracting my PC muscle when i feel an ejaculation coming on but it doesn't really work, i either cum faster, or i don't cum but i lose my erection. is this a phsyical problem? ... (1 replies)
... n to when I squirt it or just gush it out. I've tried just for fun to slowly masturbate, and let the feeling and cum build up, and then let it subside, and then build it back up again, doing this several times, feeling like I was going to explode, and when I did cum, it was a big gush, but it didn't shoot at all. ... (11 replies)
... Regular ejaculation prevents the build up of prostatic fluid that can lead to BPH, the major cause of prostaic disease as well as urinary tract issues in especially the older male. ... (5 replies)
... ( I wasn't talking abt urinating after a sexual act; I senario is traces of sperm each time I urinate even if I dont have sex for long time. I want to thank U for your effort does far). dapsy (3 replies)
... Some semen remains in the urinary track, so I agree that this is normal. I think it is a good idea to urinate soon after an ejaculation to clear this stuff out. ... (3 replies)
... So we talked about lots of things, and my anxiety started to build up after sex topics. ... (2 replies)
... ying they enjoyed the ejaculation itself, many talk about an urge, pressure, etc, sure the erection is pleasurable but in my experience that is soon overtaken by build up of pressure in the genitals that just has to get out. ... (61 replies)
... I've been with my husband for 6 years. He is now 28 with an average weight and build and no health problems to speak of. ... (7 replies)

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