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White Bumps.
Feb 28, 2011
... See a doctor. The bumps could be normal glands but the white patch could be BXO. ... (5 replies)
... The scar line doesn't look too bad when the penis is erect. The little bumps and the swelling on the bottom get stretched somewhat flat, it looks failry decent. ... (4 replies)
... erfect, but I've looked at pictures online, and my scar looks a little more "messy" than many other photos I've seen online. First of all, there are still little bumps and raised areas around the scar line. ... (4 replies)

... These MAY have been there for a while, but I only noticed them 4 months ago or so. Right around my circumcision line, I have 3 or 4 white bumps. ... (1 replies)
... irratate me but I cannot get rid of it. The redness is all on the underside of my shaft that touches my ball sack and on the ends of the redness there are small bumps with hairs on them. Is this treatable with neosporin or hydro cortizon? ... (3 replies)
... to get rid of this honestly ready to cut it off because it annoys me terribly. what would be the best way to remove this without any scars or raised bumps left or anything like that? ... (3 replies)
... I really don't plan on gettin a circumcision ever which is why I really want some stretching ointment. I felt like I tried the stretching tips on this thread already and it doens't seem to work. ... (7 replies)
... ish flesh colored bumps on my hands. Two on my left, one on my right. When squeezed, clear fluid came out. I went to my GP, because I thought they were Warts. ... (49 replies)
... Cut or not, some hair and little white bumps are normal near the base of the penis. ... (8 replies)
... The bumps are hair folicles and sebaceous glands. The skin of our genitals is so thin you can see them when they enlarge at puberty. ... (8 replies)
Sebaceous glands
Sep 6, 2003
... Would you say that your shaft bumps are completely gone, just a scar from rubbing them off? ... (104 replies)
... n I get an erection and pull my skin back, the skin gets so tight and there is a big blood vessel bulging out the pulled back skin and when I have sex it sort of bumps in and out and it hurts. ... (6 replies)
... Well Im gonna try the Roc anti wrinkling cream and see how i get on. Id hope they can at least reduce the pimples on my top lip cos theres so many and its not like in your pants where people will only see it when you want sex theyre there for all to see like the nose on your face! Im having so much trouble finding anyone else who has these pimples on their lip and covered all... (511 replies)
Dec 1, 2002
... not without extreme pain, it feels like the vains inside the skin have swelled up I dont know what to do but its been like a month now and I really dont want a circumcision but IM GOING CRAZY NOT BEING ABLE TO CLEAN my HEAD OR HAVE SEX!!! please help if you know what this tightness is or how to fix iut!!! ... (1 replies)
A little nervous..
Jun 10, 2002
... It's hard to be sure without actually seeing but I have similar little bumps either side of the place you are describing and I believe they are little glands. I am cut but I believe the glands are slightly larger in intact males. ... (4 replies)
Originally posted by ready2pullthepin: I would recomend a custom circumcision to any mothers of newborn boys!
  • little white bumps aren't a problem
  • breaking a hymen is made easier
  • mastrabation is more enjoyable
  • less chance of soreness after all night overzealous sexual encounters! ... (8 replies)
  • ... I would recomend a custom circumcision to any mothers of newborn boys! I have natural skin only on the underside of my penis. The skin on the sides and top was removed (circumcised) when I was an infant. This method has many pluses!
    1. little white bumps aren't a problem
    2. breaking a hymen is made easier
    3. mastrabation is more enjoyable
    4. less... (8 replies)
    ... If you're circumcised, it could be a circumcision scar. Or if its near the base of the penis and goes to the testicles, it could be the perenium scar we all have. Which way does the scar go? ... (8 replies)

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