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Sore penis
Jan 7, 2013
... Any discolored discharge like you mention is not normal and sounds like a very likely symptom of infection. ... (3 replies)
... the shaft 5 weeks ago while masturbating. Havent had sex or masturbated since. Have been using medicines that are bolded above. Little to no improvement. Skin is discolored in the area. Still hurts. ... (1 replies)
... I have been masturbating for years by rubbing the underside of my penis through my shorts using the stop and start method. ... (5 replies)

... Hello I have an inquiry in which any help is appreciated. I have a sore about 1/4 inch in length and slightly discolored in a pink/ darker tone. i noticed it a week ago when it was alot smaller but as the day's passed, it seemed to enlarge. i'm quite worried about this, it hurts to the touch and is very sensitive. it feels like it could be filled with blood i'm not sure jf... (4 replies)
... Hi I'm 18 male have a problem which seems very rare. I've looked on the internet can't seem to find anyone who knows what it is. Here are the symptoms (im not circumsized) - my penis head has a light indentation / marking in a circular shape - the skin is very slightly discolored, a little grey/blue looking but it's not very noticable, somewhat wrinkly also - if I rub... (4 replies)
... verycurious2010: I hope you had some success. I had a yeast infection and it seemed like I cured it. It was patches of painful and itchy red spots. They always flared up with friction (sex or vigorous cleaning). I used Hydrocortisone before I got in to the doctor to diagnose it. The doc said yeast infection, so I used clotrimazole for 8 or 9 days and it got better. ... (26 replies)
... Last night I noticed that I had a little soreness and tenderness in the head of my penis when flaccid, although I was able to get an erection later. ... (1 replies)
... i have 2 of them in different places. they look like small blackheads, but i don't really know. it's not infected, swollen, or discolored around the blackhead, just a small black spot that recently appeared. it's on the tip of the penis also. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, 29 year old circumcised male here. On the underside of my penis and just below the head there is a small shallow slit in the skin, smaller than an 1/8 of an inch. I've had it for at least 10 years, possibly all my life. It is subtle you won't notice it unless looking for it. It is like a pouch in that a couple times a year I find I have to "massage" out any dirt or... (2 replies)
... You should've really seen a doctor when it happend and I think you should in this rare case... (2 replies)
... bruise. Well today, i still have that bruise. ITs not really a bruise its just discolored. Everything WORKS fine but there is that discoloration at the tip of my penis on the left its still black. Some of its faded away but its still noticeable. I was just wonderin is there any thing that will make the discoloration go away? ... (2 replies)
... There's a discolored band around my boyfriend's penis (about a half inch from the glans) that he describes as "the male clitoris" in that it gives the same feeling when touched/rubbed/ drives him absolutly wild. What is this called and do all guys have it? (I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to male anatomy.) (6 replies)
Penis discolored
Feb 11, 2003
... hello what causes penis discoloration? ... (3 replies)
Strange Lumps
Aug 31, 2010
... on my penis seems to have become hard and has lumps on it. They don't hurt even when pushed on or during intercourse, and I can move them around. ... (0 replies)
Apr 8, 2006
... you would think of a normal scar. Most of the time you can barely make out where the cut was made without looking very closely. Some methods might leave a slight discolored ring around the shaft of the penis but others leave nothing. ... (9 replies)
... You might have broken a blood vessel if your masturbation was a little too rough. Are you taking any herbal penis products? ... (5 replies)
16 and Worried
Mar 8, 2005
... The penis secretes a substance called smegma that can become smelly if not cleaned out. ... (7 replies)
16 and Worried
Mar 7, 2005
... Hi...this is kind of awkward but here goes. I'm sixteen and never had sex, im also not circumsized but a very cleanly person. I'm also african american. My penis has a fishy odour, and the head is discolored, very pale black at the base and around the tip beige pale. ... (7 replies)
Mar 4, 2005
... your penis size. So you are incorrect in comparing being overweight with having a small penis. They are two differnt things entirely. ... (14 replies)
... Ok here's my symptoms, my penis appears dry and discolored kind of white grayish and today seemed real dry almost scaley this is only on the head of my penis. ... (1 replies)

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