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... Ask your wife if she will dress like a stripper. It might possibly help. I also wonder just how attracted you are to your wife. My husband wants to eat me up. He is very much attracted to me even with a heavier weight. My husband has had this problem but it was only when he knew that I wasn't in the mood. The problem lies somewhere between you and your wife. Talk more about it... (4 replies)
... Hi, I've never had a regular girlfriend whom I could have regular sex with but had been visiting strip bars and massage parlours regularly in the past. I've often had mutual masturbation at massage parlours (though never vaginal intercourse) and have been regularly watching porn in the past. I got married a few months ago, and am experiencing difficulty in getting... (4 replies)
... along the left side of my penis so that I would be able to have a completely normal erection unhindered? ... (6 replies)

... Anyway, I find that I can often get an erection by thinking about being intimate with her and also during times when I'm around her. ... (2 replies)
... Ha ha ha ha ha sounds like a commercial or something. The first place men put on weight is there tongue? :p Wha?? Does that mean women too? Oh wait, no we just gain it in our ears... I forgot. :rolleyes: Sorry- but if a Dr. is giving this kind of info to the public- then what else is he telling people to sell his product? Oh dear. (5 replies)
... hey mr check my update on my previous post.... it could take awhile to have an effect upon you in this way... for example some people have developed depression or anxiety problems after the course has finished. (13 replies)
... hi, i always get an erection when i have to pee in a public restroom. this really pisses me off cause i'll be just standing at the urinal with an erection and then i can't even pee. i just stand there. so i just wait til i go home to go. ... (11 replies)
... curve of it is prob from years of putting it there.ya know when your trying to hide an errection in public or something. ... (4 replies)
Public Erections
Jan 27, 2001
... Thanks, Lance. I wonder if there's someway I can overcome the anxious feelings when it comes to public (locker room) nudity? Although you think no one notices I can't help but think I'm being judged as being gay. Seriously if you saw an adult male with an erection (even if not looking directly at his crotch) walking thru the locker room wouldn't you think..."What up with... (6 replies)
Public Erections
Jan 25, 2001
... Ever since Jr. High I've avoided taking showers with other guys because of the size of my penis. Not that it's large but I was very thin and my penis appeared to be larger than normal and thicker. As an adult I have a normal size penis(erect 6.5 inches). Whenever I go to the gym and hit the showers I always get an erection. I not gay or turned on by other men but it never... (6 replies)
Public nudity
Jan 20, 2001
... Not exactly something I would do, but ... You know that feeling the first time you go to the beach or the pool for the summer? You feel all weird in your skimpys for about 10 minutes then you get over it. Probably the same thing. As far as getting an erection, maybe you should wear a hat just in case. (7 replies)
Public nudity
Jan 12, 2001
... I see what you mean I think. A chance for an outrageous experience. I give it my blessings!! As for the erection I wouldn't worry. I think you will be a little nervous and your friend should behave himself under such circumstances. Let us know what happens. ... (7 replies)
Public nudity
Jan 12, 2001
... Hey folks..There is a town nearby with no public ordinance on nudity. In other words someone can walk downtown completely nude. As long as they don't disturb the peace they can do as they please. ... (7 replies)
... was even more confused, because I never knew such thing happen to men and worst at such a young age, so I was really panicking, girl pregnant and cannot have an erection no matter how hard I tried. ... (0 replies)
... Okay, so I love my girlfriend, and I've made her aware of this problem. But it's still embarassing as all hell. I'm only 18 years old, and I have what I believe is severe performance anxiety. Now, I know it's a mental thing because whenever my girlfriend and I are in public, and I'm standing behind her against her butt for example, I have no problem getting "lift off." Why?... (2 replies)
... It basically works the same as viagra. In terms of your erection never coming back. I thought you were going to think that and well straight up if you think your going to loose, you will! So start by chosing not to think that. ... (80 replies)
... Help! This is my first time posting in such a public forum but I would love some help. I'm a single white male, age 35, and I suffer from severe erectile dysfunction. ... (2 replies)
... act back all the way and i find it pretty tough to get it back, and once back i find it tough to get it back down, usualy it results in me having to wait for the erection to go down which also knocks my confidence, baring in mind i have hardly any experience with girls sexualy as well. ... (1 replies)
... This routine seemed to be working and the infection was becoming less and less noticeable, but today I got an erection in public and, as such, was unable to remove any of the Cowper's fluid. ... (1 replies)
... and had never expierenced erection problems untill we decided to have sex for the first time. ... (3 replies)

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