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... Brilliant, thanks. Put my mind at rest. I will just enjoy it when it happens and look forward to a time when I am the one pretending to have a headache ha ha. ... (10 replies)
... Codamol, which does nothing, so I have started taking excederin, which takes away the pain for a few hours, but does not allow me to masturbate without pain. I dont know what to do! ... (9 replies)
... I get this throbbing headache at the back and top of my head when ever I masturbate, and the headache is so painful that I have to squeeze my head and lie in the dark for a hour or so, and after that it is painful to walk due to my head throbbing. ... (9 replies)

... Bingo I wish I could tell you the answer to that. I thought I was the only one who had a similar situation to what you've described. On irregular occasion this will happen to me. It only happens in the morning though, when I first wake up and begin to stimulate my penis. Any kind of stimulation to my penis causes severe pains in my head just like a bad headache. When it... (2 replies)
... It could be high blood pressure or maybe you are dehydrated? Is it posture? Are you lying / sitting awkwardly? Maybe you are a bit tired, or tense though in my experience masturbation is the ideal tension reliever! I am assuming of course that you are not banging your head on the headboard as you masturbate?? (lol) (2 replies)
... Hey guys, if anyone remembers my last posts I'm completely sorted out and it wasn't a big deal at all, but now here's the thing, whenever I masturbate, I get a headache in the back of my head. I usually just carry on until I've finished but it still hurts all through it. It usually goes away pretty soon after I've finished. ... (2 replies)
... My Mental sexual Issue I am a Young black man soon, 31 years old, I am very healthy with occasional Migraines that tie me down to a bed and cannot really do a thing. The thing is, I need to feel free and need some further advice on how to go about my occasional sexual issue, to better understand my situation you should know it from the start. When I was still 14 or 15... (0 replies)
... me I tried having sex. It's never been an issue before this. I figured I'd recover in a day or two, but I have been having erection troubles since. Usually I can masturbate daily up to four times depending on how aroused I am, and I've never had difficulty becoming aroused spontaneously, fantasizing, etc. ... (2 replies)
... the weekend from Friday evening to Monday morning I had only 12 hours sleep. I went on Monday morning to a Chinese herbal medicine and massage doctor to ease the headache and stress I was feeling. After the massage I had a chat with the doctor because he wanted to know why I was feeling so. I told him straight what was happening. ... (8 replies)
Erection problems
Dec 27, 2008
... because it is, and i think about sex on a frequent basis, but sometimes i am unable to get a full erection, or even sometimes, any erection at all. even when i masturbate on my own, i am unable to get a full erection. i am in a real diolema. ... (1 replies)
... 1) is the headahce right after you orgasm? if so then you have a orgasm head ache. you will get it sometiems when you orgasm (masturbation or with a partner) I get them when I hold my breath to long during the masturbation or sex orgasm. if I breath regularly I dont get them but the orgasm doesn't seem as intense. 2) if you want to stop then you can just stop. (3 replies)
... Possibly. Um... Stop? You control your hand, your hand doesn't control you. (3 replies)
... 1) I am a boy 0f 22 I use to masturbate for 9 years and I often have headache; Is that masturbation efect? 2) Please help me to get out of masturbation if the reason i always have headache is that (3 replies)
... counter headache medicine like Advil or Tylenol before you have your sex? ... (8 replies)
... He does masturbate from time to time. ... (15 replies)
... Hey people, Who would have ever thought that after an orgasm, you would get benign coital headaches? Well, anyways, thats what i believe i have. Has anyone else had this. After having an orgasm for a straigth 7 days, i started getting a neckache and i thought it was from lack of sleep or bad sleeping position but it turns out to be this benign coital headache. If anyone here... (0 replies)
... period of time but thats it. And then even when I'm with someone, and she is pleasing me, well, I can't seem to come, even though it all feels very good. I can masturbate maybe 2 times a day and it all seems fine. Any help ? ... (12 replies)
... I can usually get an erection when i Masturbate but I always loose it quickly. ... (2 replies)
... s pretty weak too. It just kind of spills over the tip and doesn't shoot like it used to. I still get morning erections. I can still get erections when I want to masturbate everytime I try, but it takes alot of manual stimulation. ... (4 replies)
... Whenever I masturbate I start to get this HORRIBLE headache, after I orgasm it sticks with me for a few minutes. This just started a few days ago. What the hell is the problem? ... (2 replies)

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