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... Actually the clear fluid you see isn't sperm. It is the slick fluid your body produces to lubricate your urethra so thick, ripened white sperm can be expelled easily. There is a big difference between the two. ... (2 replies)
... Allie I have shared in the same experience and it worried me as well because I always had very healthy thick, white sperm when I ejaculated. ... (2 replies)
... months the thick white sperm returned and all is normal. I don't really know what caused my absence of sperm. ... (5 replies)

... I would say that if your semen has some white in it, yes, you can still have children. It only takes one individual sperm to get a woman pregnant, so I'd say you're fine. ... (2 replies)
Absence of sperm
Oct 22, 2006
... Need to ask if any of you men ever experienced a sudden absence of sperm in your ejaculate? ... (2 replies)
Sperm change
Nov 27, 2010
... Ok, so i recently got with a new chick, and all my life(im 21) ive had very consistente "fluid", thick, white, and strong. But since iv'e been with this girl, she has turned me on more than any of my ex's, shes not even my best, but there is like something in the air that rly gets me going for her. But ever since i got with her, and im fairly sure shes clean, and this happened... (2 replies)
... hi there i am a 27 year old male. over the past 6 months or so i have noticed my sperm is no longer white. when i ejaculate my sperm sometimes has a yellowish colour and sometimes comes out watery. i used to ejaculate thick white seaman full of sperm. is there something wrong with me. ... (1 replies)
... It could be a sign of poor nutrition, especially lack of animal protein. Alternatively, it may indicate that you have been masturbating or engaging in sexual relations too frequently. (2 replies)
... It is a mixture of thick white and clear thin liquid. ... (2 replies)
... What volume pills worked for you? Coz I'm considering getting some. (2 replies)
... I tried semen volumizers once and they worked. I had loads of clear semen, but very little if no thick white sperm. For me that's the difference, absense of the thick sperm. That's what feels so good when it comes out. ... (2 replies)
... mess, as most all yong guys can. Now that I'm older it's less dramatic. Although there's still lots of semen, the clear fluid, just not the vast amount of thick, white sperm as used to be. ... (3 replies)
... I don't know Fal, but I had an experience where I wondered the same thing. It seems reasonable that it may be true, but I always hear that a few sperm can be present in what looks like perfectly clear semen. As I've gotten a little older my sperm isn't as thick or voluminous as it once was. ... (7 replies)
... for whatever reason becomes sexually excited, the clear semen that oozes from your penis is your body's way of lubricating your urethra so that the thick, sticky sperm will be ejaculated easily. It's natural and very normal. Next time you masturbate examine the results. ... (5 replies)
Sep 24, 2006
... drip is nothing more than semen, the clear fluid that your boyfriend's penis oozes when he's close to ejaculation. It lubricates the urethra so the thick, white sperm will squirt out easily. It's completely natural. ... (6 replies)
... m, help me out. Lately I've gotten to where when I ejacualte only a very small amount of clear semem will come out. It seems no matter what, I can't have a full, thick white release of healthy sperm. The sensation loss is tremendous. ... (0 replies)
... HI hairier, do you rmember the directions for taking Semenax? Did it say to drink lots of water? I notice that Quantum has the same ingredients but says to take with meals. (4 replies)
... Everything you've described sounds fairly normal actually. How far you shoot your sperm during masturbation really depends on how sexually excited you are. ... (1 replies)
... inish masturbate my Sperm dont eject at all well it does come out but not shoting like you know what i mean, and it is not white in color at all some part or my sperm is like yellow color, andi have notice it also has some sort or Gel like peaces in it , could it be Dead sperm , could my eggs Pruduce dead Sperm? ... (1 replies)
... dex sounds interesting. I used an herbal supplement once called Semenax and it definately worked. A large increase in semen only, the clear fluid, not sperm, the thick white guys. Wish it would increase the thick white guys, to me that's what feels so good when it is expelled.. ... (4 replies)

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