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[QUOTE=Brianlucy5;5364891]I'm 46 years old, my period has been consistent every 2-3 weeks but irregular for me (normally 28 day cycle)
almost 2 years now..I had blood work done 3 different times, after the onset of symptoms ...Hormones showed I was peri menopausal...
(I have hot flashes, anxiety, inner body shakes, twitching tongue, frequent periods and past blood work all indicating I'm going through PM)

...I went for my yearly exam yesterday to a new women OBGYN ..and she asked about my cycle ..I told her the same (above) also that my mother grandmother and sister all were done with their cycle around my same age..

Before the internal was even done, she says, "irregular periods are not normally closer together with peri menopause ..but
instead farther apart...I think you need a sono and a biopsy"

WELL... she made me feel like a complete idiot when she said closer together was not likely for peri m..and also she mentioned Utarian Cancer when I asked why I needed a biopsy when I had no other symptoms pain or
discomfort..and show classic signs of PM

So now I go for the testing or is she mostly just covering herself?
should I even go for the sono bc I am definitely not going for a I crazy? Geeze, because she's making me feel that way..[/QUOTE]

I'm going to be 45 this year and starting last year have been having my periods every 3 weeks apart, except last month was 2 weeks. I was told by several other ladies who have gone thru this that their periods got closer together and heavier before they started dimimishing. For quite a few years. I'm going to go see a new gyno myself in the next month or two to see what my hormone levels are and if I'm I'm a little scared to myself. By the way, my anxiety has been off the charts this year and am trying to get on an antidepressant that will help. My regular GP said we should get a sono to see if there are fibroids that are causing the closer periods....but she didn't act like it was a huge deal at all..

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