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Hi Chris,
It's another warm day here too, but not quite as bad as yesterday. I slept better last night, but still not like it should be. Especially for as tired as I was. Still no period, but I still can feel the PMS easing up a little. It's really weird that I can actually feel it come on, and feel it esculate more and more until I finally have my period. Then, it's like a balloon, and it fizzles out. It's the oddest thing to be aware of. I've always had some PMS...just not like this. Previously, my PMS would just be there. I didn't have a build up of it like I do now. And it was only like for 3 days before my period. This has to be a peri change for sure. My mom had her periods until she was 58. She had PMS too, but that is just my hindsight of it. She never discussed any of her female issues EVER. Or mine. It was like something that was very private and not discussed. I remember it was even hard to ask for "supplies", you almost had to ask in code or something. It must have been really strange times back in those days for women. My mother would die if she seen that we talk online about this stuff now days. hahaha

I'm glad you were able to get out in that pool today. Sounds like a fun time, as well as refreshing! I'm glad you didn't wait until next year. Summer weather can last even into September, so there is plenty of time to enjoy it.

Your DH sounds like he really made a good call on the job change. Just the gas benefit alone is a fantastic deal considering the price of gas now, and the cell phone too. I am sure this is a huge relief for you! I'm so happy that it is turning out so well.

Sears ended up not paying us the total cost of the damage they caused. Ford was supposed to fax them the estimate before the repair, and didn't fax them until after it was completed. They are claiming that they could have installed that part for just the cost and not have to pay Ford's labor if they could have found what the problem was. They tried to just offer me 22 dollars for the part only, and I flipped out. I ended up with all but 44 dollars of it, but I'm still upset that they didn't value a customer enough to make good on this whole situation. I probably could have held out for the rest, but it would have ended up costing me more money to mess with it. I won't ever shop at Sears again though.

We haven't had anymore calls on the car, but maybe over the weekend we will. We advertised it online for free for now, but we may put it in the local paper eventually.

How is your IBS, and migraines? Any problems lately?? How about those chest pains, anymore problems??? I have been a horrible friend lately with all that's been going on, and I want you to know that your stuff is important to me too. I think you were the only one that kept me from totally losing it there for awhile. (((((HUG))))))

I'm glad it's Friday!!! It's going to be hot all weekend though. We have a baseball game to go to tomorrow. DH's boss is playing, and he wants to support him. hahaha..should be fun out there dying in the afternoon heat! I'll probably be burnt to a crisp! I better go buy some sunscreen for sure.

I hope you sleep well again tonight.


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