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I understand how you are nervous with the strange and irregular periods. I first started to notice irregularities in my mid 40s...where my usual like clockwork periods that came at day 28 were coming at day 24 or 18 and then coming again at day 24 after that. Of course it is always best to mention it to your gyn and I did and everything was fine she assured me, it was just that by the very fact that I was in my 40s I was in ...perimenopause...the time before menopause.

Well, I am now 51 and still in it as I am still getting periods, albeit they have become more unpredictable here and there. I have not had the long spaces that a lot of women have , my longest skip has been to be without my period for 3 months. Then after that (last year), I started getting them again on anywhere from day 24 to day 27. Before last year I had only got to day 40 or day 50 without my period but other than that mine have come pretty regularly. but when it first all happened where they started to change, yes it made me anxious and nervous as of course it did not seem "normal" to me. But it is normal at this time. "Normal" changes at this time!! LOL!!

A good book to read if you haven't is The Pause. It details all the symptoms that can crop up and goes way beyond just telling us about hot flashes, and talks about other symptoms that I did not know were part of peri , and it does talk about irregular periods, and palpitations, both of which you both mentioned.

As far as how long irregular periods continue, until they stop altogether..that varies from woman to woman. I still get my period as I said, where some women have stopped altogether when they are 50 or 51. My cousin stopped at 53 and had irregular periods from her mid 40s till then. I guess the one thing I have come to the unexpected and the unpredictable in all this . No question it can produce anxiety and that is hard but once you tell yourself it is the hormones it does help to calm oneself.

As far as the palpitations that was also one of the first things I encountered. Had it checked out and everything was fine. Then I didn't get them for awhile and then 2 years ago when I was having all sorts of symptoms (among other things, a lot of intestinal stuff which I never knew could be part of all this but can be) ...I started to get palps. again with nightsweats which are common. I still get an occasional palpitation here and there and it is very common as I said at this time. But again best to talk to your dr. about it.

I wish I could tell you how not to worry or how not be nervous or how not to be anxious at this time...truth be told I have a hard time even after being in this thing for awhile to calm myself at times. This board helps though...reading that others are going thru the same thing. So keep posting and hang in there!!

Take care,


You didn't say how old you are but just being in your 40s you are in perimenopause ,especially mid to late 40s.

Just in your annual gyn appt tell the gyn what you are experiencing. They can do a blood test to figure out where somewhere is in peri but really it is not real reliable so most drs. do not do it, (mine did not) so don't get nervous about testing as they will most likely not do anything at all, just your usual gyn annual appt. Just by what you are telling them they will know you are in peri.

I feel so bad for you as I have been upset with anxiety too and know how it feels. The hormones just do that to us at this time. As far as what will happen in a visit...I am assuming you go to your annual gyn appts right? so I guess I am saying just when you go for that, just tell your dr. what is going on and also do get the book The Pause, it will really help during this time to assure you it is all normal. Believe me I know how you feel as I get worked up going to my appts and it is just a very tough feeling but you are not alone and keep posting and reading this board and venting as that helps.

Take care,


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