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... Ok, so i'm waiting to do my ivf with donor eggs but meno i think is taking over!! I'm 44 and haven't had a period since my last donor transfer on nov 15th. All preg tests to date are neg. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Farbeans, First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. Forty-four is way too young. I too have Crohn’s. I was diagnosed in 1990. Such a crappy disease, pardon the pun. I’m 51 and have two children, 25 and 17. Yes, you’re symptoms are so similar to mine. About five years ago, I had discomfort and pain in my lower abdomen. I wasn’t sure if it was the... (2 replies)
... Just prior to her death, I was late for my period and this month no period at all. ... (2 replies)

... I'm a 44 yr old mother of 4. My youngest child is 10. My lmp was 6.12.05. I was on the pill but taking antibiotics. I did a hpt and it was positive. ... (6 replies)
... On another board, I explained that I have had negative CT scans, ultrasounds, and even a laproscopic exploratory surgery in December, ALL showing no signs of ovarian cancer. ... (6 replies)
... im 44 and just beginning prei i have no hotflashes or nightsweats i do get a little depressed but i also have thyriod disorder my periods are like every 4 mos and some are normal and some are very very light and yes i have the pms symtons but sometimes no period i wish the menopause would hurry and go on by so i wouldnt have to deal with it does anyone here know of anything to... (6 replies)
Jan 7, 2005
... and be going thru peri all at the same time. 44 isn't too young at all. You should get your thyroid level tested too. ... (19 replies)
... for your story, it's good to hear what others experience. Esp when it's sudden, I am guessing it must have started before just without symptoms. I really have no idea!! ... (7 replies)
... so no more periods. ... (12 replies)
... days a week. I started weaning myself down on my own. Shaving the pills until I was down to 5 mgs and still had excellent BP control and less hair loss and no tummy problems. My doc really liked that and wanted me to stick with my plan. ... (22 replies)
... Hi I'm new to all this, so bear with me. I've been hearing so much stuff about menopause. I'm 44 and I was wondering How would I know if I'm going through it. I have night sweats..mood and cold spells. I'm a thyroid patient.. ... (14 replies)
... so I thought it was just bad PMS at first but it has not stopped for 6 weeks and I also have not had my period since. A doctor at the clinic I went to because of my insomnia prescribed trazodone for sleep and ativan for anxiety. This was just about 3 weeks ago. ... (3 replies)
... jor. I am so guilty of not eating right and stopping by the drive up window and getting food to go. It's cheap and takes soooo good at the moment. But now at age 44 I pay a price for what I eat. For example, last night my hubby and I ordered a pizza from one of our favorite places. It was real greasy and tasty!! ... (33 replies)
... I'm pretty new here so here is my situation. I'm 44 and have 2 children from my first marriage. I got married a year ago to a wonderful guy 10yrs my jr with no children so were trying with donor eggs., the first 2 cycles with the same donor failed. We have a new donor, everything sounds good right? ... (3 replies)
... I have had instances of abnormal bleeding numerous times in the last 10 years, had tests done and found no sinister cause. The last time was almost 2 years ago and I had not had a period for several months then started bleeding after intercourse. ... (6 replies)
... become so sensitive to any kind if meds that I am scared to try anything at this point. I have been through the whole heart racing in the middle of the night for no reason and all heart tests. I had my gallbladder removed three months ago as it was chronically inflamed with no stones. Tried antidepressants for a year. ... (2 replies)
My periods
Jan 20, 2005
... Last month my period came 19 days after the one before it and it was very light. The month before is was extremely heavy. Now it is 44 days since the last one and I spoted today, so I think it is coming. I have a headache and cramps and feel bloated, but I won't know till it actually arrives. ... (5 replies)
... all these funny symptoms started. Brain fog as you know it, dizzy ness, weakness, can not sleep well, hot flashes, long periods, short periods, heavy bleeding, no bleeding. The list is endless. But remember, you are not alone! Once I got my hands on anything I could read about Peri, I started to feel better. ... (6 replies)
... My hot flashes started about 11 years ago. I was 44. I didn't even miss a period for 3 years after the hot flashes started. Not even a single irregular period. So it amazed me that a woman's gyn would tell her the missed periods come first! ... (22 replies)
... moodiness, anxiety to the max at times and some IBS before my period and sometimes other times during my cycle. ... (16 replies)

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