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OK...I am going crazy. I hardly slept last night, I was either changing tampons and dealing with a "mess" or cramping so bad I could barley breath. I am 44 and just starting on this roller coaster. Is anyone else dealing with bad pain? What have you found that hubbie just ran to the store for me..I certainly cant leave the house right now ????:dizzy:

I would suggest that you stop using tampons for a while and see exactly what your menstural flow is. If you soak up a super absorbent pad in just a half hour then I would seek help. Remember that it is quite normal to bleed alot during peri-menopause, but using a tampon doesn't tell you alot about what is really going on. Like the other post said, fibroids may have something to do with it. That doesn't mean you have to have them removed, it just means that they may need to do an ultrasound to see what they are doing.

Clots are completely normal during peri-menopause. The only time you should worry about them if they are bigger than a chicken egg.

I would suggest if you are not taking a vitamin supplement, you should, especially one with iron. Increasing your iron intake will really help if you are really bleeding that much. A glass of red wine is loaded in iron and also helps with your nerves and anxiety. If you prefer, Welch's Grape Juice does the same thing, also beets!!!

I bleed out all of the time on super tampons, it doesn't mean we are bleeding too much, just switch to a pad for awhile so you know exactly what your dealing with. Remember clots are normal with peri-menopuase. My last period I bled out things that looked like rope!! What's with that? Things change so don't get panicked, we all our going through this together.
OK how sad is this...I am bleeding so bad I am on my laptop in the loo! I dont even want to try a tampon right now as it's so bad I dont think it would have time to absorb so I'll just sit here and hope it lets up. I am so tired and want to go to figures it seems to be the worse at night. I dont think I could stand using just a pad missy, I would need something like they gave me after I had my son, like a diaper! so if I ever get off the pot...2 tampons and a pad and I will hope to sleep at least a few hours tonight. So glad I found this board for support....I couldnt imajine having to go this alone. I have my amazing husband, but a woman who's going through the same thing is the best support.

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