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Hello! I'm a 44-year old female who up until last fall, had been reasonably healthy. I eat well, am a workout fanatic, and am very regular with my checkups. I started having issues in October - December, 'it' took a break, and came back mid-April. I am convinced I have ovarian cancer, but after reading through this board, I'm really thinking I could be in perimenopause (WHY didn't I think of this before)??? SOOO much of what I am reading on here sounds JUST like me! It just made me gasp reading some of it, as it is SOOO much like what I am going through (or so it seems).

Anyways -

I would love to hear from some of you about the following:

1. Did any of you who are in menopause or perimenopause think you were dying of some awful disease?? Did you go lengths to discover it wasn't, or did you just come to that conclusion???

2. Anyone familiar with ovarian cancer? On another board, I explained that I have had negative CT scans, ultrasounds, and even a laproscopic exploratory surgery in December, ALL showing no signs of ovarian cancer. However, I did have a CA125 of 45 (which my doctor doesn't seem overly concerned with). I just wonder if I have been having symptoms since October, wouldn't SOMETHING have shown up now if it were this, especially with the lapro exploratory surgery?!?!? There was NOTHING there when she did the surgery (surgery was done to relieve my mind, which obviously it still isn't relieved, as I still have symptoms........I can't just keep getting surgery to check it every 6 months!).

3. COULD my symptoms be perimenopause:
a. I have NEVER had stomach problems, and now I have a constant burning and gnawing pain that has only been relieved with nexium; also seem to be more constipated than usual.
b. I feel nausea DAILY - comes and goes throughout the day - which if I didn't know better, I would say that I was pregnant!
c. I have pelvic pain in my ovary area, though there are no cysts, fibroids, etc., just a deep, achy, crampy pain that comes and goes.
d. lower back pain - and again, I am very physically fit - so I know my back muscles are strong and I have NOT been injured
e. periodic night sweats
f. emotional rollercoaster
f. NO period changes or hot flashes (which is why I'm thinking maybe it isn't peri)

Any feedback on ANY of the above would be MUCH appreciated. I am literally going crazy over this whole ovarian cancer thing and want to know if I am being irrational as well as whether or not (and when) I can write that off as a possibility. Thanks, ladies :)

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