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Hi all,

This is my first post and I deliberately googled discussion boards for this before my dr. (gyn) appointment.

After reading some posts on here, it seems I am not alone. Thank goodness! I honestly thought I was going crazy, had bi-polar or some exotic disorder until reading posts here.

So here's my deal:

I am 45 and have gone through the perimenopause at age 37 and up til my 40's I felt I still had it together - in every aspect of my life. I went back on the pill at that time and it seemed to level things out a bit, oh and I was on DHEA for adrenal fatigue. All in all, I was OK. But the past couple years things have gotten SO out of control, I just don't know what to expect from day to day, literally. I should mention I have had no period for a few years, except for one surprise one during the summer...??!!

I now cry at the drop of nothing, anxiety is through the roof, heart palpitations, ADHD like symptoms, night sweats and freezing cold the next. My face looks like it did when I was 15, my hair is falling out, I am gaining so much more weight, I have BAD digestive issues, I feel sad, mad, glad, depressed, lonely, all at the same time, if that's possible. I am forgetful and can not concentrate for anything...this post is taking a long time for me to even write...I used to be active, full of life and energy and now that's all gone. I have insomnia one week and the next I can't get to sleep. Oh the list could go on forever...

SO....I help my brother and sister-in-law out with their kids and the while the 6 year old is in school during the day, the 2 year old is well..being a 2 year old. Multiply this with my every changing moods and irritability, anxiety, etc...and it can feel like I am fighting WW3 in my mind. My SIL suggests I take a time out for both my 2 year old niece and myself...because that's what she does. Well, more severely, she just plain out ignores the kids and sits and reads when she is not working. I can put her in time out when needed, but honestly, lately I DO NOT feel like mustering up the energy to do so and have to hear the whining and crying (on top of my own).

I have a gyn appt next week and I have taken note of my symptoms which seem to have magnified significantly over the past year or two. I am not on the pill as of now ... no sex drive, it's been a while since I've been to dr. because I thought it was all in my head and 'this too shall pass' .. as I was told by my sister in law and brother. (they are in their mid 30's and I feel they don't fully grasp what I feel like even though I have told them, they just poo-poo it off to a bad day - if they even listen to me!).

I am feeling a bit calmer just getting this out in the open...on the internet - yay me... lol

does anyone have any advice on how to handle my niece in the midst of my own meltdowns? I should tell my doctor everything about what is going on with me, right? What do you think I can expect from the appointment? I mean, will she have to check my estrogen, progesterone levels, etc.?

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post...

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