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Hi Ladies
I am wondering if anyone can help explain the confusing information I have got from GP's over the years and my current situation.

I am 44, no children and no sexually active. Two years ago I had a strange couple of periods, both with redder more fast flowing blood than normal and one that petered out over almost 10 days with very slight spotting. Doctor advised this was a common pattern and probably hormonal - my cycle went back to normal.

Currently I have just experienced similar pattern. The last period was short but fast flow and followed by spotting on and off for 10 days with strong PMS symptoms of bloating, headache, nausea that came and went - it felt like my hormones were all over the place. I went to the doctor to check because I also had low back pain and it made me think of a previous burst ovarian cyst.

I saw a locum doctor who has ordered hormone blood test and thryoid test to see if the spotting is premenopausal and then mentioned internal exam and scans if we can't say what the spotting is caused by! She said the back pain wasnt related to a cyst and not related to the bleeding - what is she looking for ?

This gave me huge amounts of anxiety thinking what it could be and whether it was cancer. Then it made me realise I am in the dark as to my gynaelogical health and feel quite confused as to how to notice if something is not right or not. The first time this happened I was reassured and now if there is something 'wrong' I will feel upset that I thought that this second time around.

The confusion is made worse by a history that goes like this:

*regular cycles all my life with no heavy bleeding or major PMS at all.
* routine ultrasound in my late 20's discovered a fibroid on the outside of my uterus - I was told it didn't need treating
* burst ovarian cyst in my mid 30's - no further tests given
* cervical polyp removed in 2013 - pathology was good, no further tests given.

My question is - do all these things have a bearing on this spotting? I have asked GP's in the past, when each one happened whether they were linked and what that might mean. I was thinking it showed a constant hormonal imbalance, maybe high estrogen and low progesterone - they said it didn't mean anything.

Now I am getting worried that I am 'at risk' of problems and no one is explaining - why does this second GP want to 'get to the bottom' of this spotting more than the previous ones where they said wait a few cycles and see?

I am feeling a bit paranoid and I am scared of tests and investigations because of this past history and I guess I don't trust that they are explaining everything to me.

I want to understand my body and what it's doing and why, but I am also scared I will miss something important or that when I take the view it's just hormones and all OK that I am feeling falsely un-concerned.

Can anyone help with a rational and balanced perspective?

Many thanks

I am in the UK and we see our GP's and cannot see a gyne unless referred, so we are in the hands of advice from the GP - which in my case is confusing me.

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