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... I am posting for the fiirst time...came across this wonderful site while searching for infomation about UTi's and the recent spottin I have had.....hope someone can offer their stoy or some insight!! Need to talk to someone...I am scared!!! Long story short... ... (2 replies)
... I am not sure if I am going through the same thing, but I have what you are describing. Lately, My periods are heavier. Large clots, and red blood. My left leg hurts, mainly in the calf to the inner left under knee. Both hurt but more on left. My left groin area and left hip and buttocks ache. ... (7 replies)
... This whole menopause thing has knocked me for a loop! Every time I think that I am getting a hold on it and actually starting to feel better something else happens! ... (11 replies)

Menopause or not
Nov 6, 2012
... m and thats not me i need help and have no where too turn my husband just lost a job he had for 22 yrs and now i have no medical insurance so when my mind races and i start thinking i have something serious i cant even go too get tested too ease my mind im so greatful for these sites it eases my mind alittle. ... (11 replies)
... I fell out big time with my best friend over a year ago because of my appalling behaviour and anger at everything. I have written to her to apologise and tried to explain it was mostly the meno, but as I had a quick temper before, she didn't believe me. ... (22 replies)
... meno...I have back massagers everywhere, even a battery one in my truck. o, no the symptoms don't just go away when you go a year, wish they would... ... (5 replies)
Neck and back pain
Sep 18, 2007
... onstant back pain and my stiff aching neck usually turns into a migraine, I asked my husband to rub the top of my shoulder the other day because it felt so tense and stiff then the ache rose up the back of my head and I felt myself starting to panic. ... (5 replies)
Stomach Ache
Apr 4, 2006
... i have recently stopped taking Premique Cycle and am smack bang back in the Menopause, hot flushes etc etc. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, everyone! Just a quick post, I'm pooped, my back is killing me and my head and neck hurt, so pretty much my little toe feels, okay... ... (1126 replies)
... I'm 50, and 18 months since my very last period. My biggest problems with my female hormones came before menopause...years of PMS, and probably a good 8 years of perimeno suffering, mixed with the hypo that I didn't know I had yet. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Ladies x l have graves disease overactive thyroid which l am been treated for with block and replace. ... (12 replies)
... experienced severe cramps and localized back ache... ... (4 replies)
Heavy achy legs
Dec 14, 2015
... I have noticed the past couple years during peri menopause my legs have a lot of pain and sense I begin menopause 10 months ago it has gotten worse. They look awful lumpy and veiny. I have big notable veins at the back of my left leg that looks like they are raised. ... (1 replies)
... Sounds just like how I'm feeling..I have all of those things. One minute I'll have a burst of energy and feel OK. Then five minutes later..I'm sad and tired and want to lay on the couch with the remote..but now..TV shows don't even entertain me..I'll watch an hour of a movie and I'm longer interested. ... (6 replies)
... Just read your post and I am having very similar problems. I am in menopause and have fibromyalgia but have been suffering with similar problems along with IBS and small intestinal bacterical overgrowth. Please post back and let me know what your scan showed. ... (9 replies)
Menopause or not
Nov 4, 2012
... Hi i just wondered if anyone has trouble with the bottom of their back hurting from about a week before their period starts.It aches and my bum feels like ive been on a tradmill and then it comes round to like in my ovary with a dull ache. ... (11 replies)
... Hey everyone. I thought I would introduce myself and say hello. I don't know why I didn't think to join a group like this sooner but anyway here I am, and I have questions. ... (4 replies)
Feel so ill
Sep 12, 2012
... use i felt so lousy i sat on my bed and cried ive had my period for 19 days and it was heavy with clotting now its slowing down but i got 2 periods in one month and the second one went right into the next month so i dont know what too expect . ... (13 replies)
Feel so ill
Sep 4, 2012
... days. They still are fairly regular now, but the length and blood flow is different. I used to have mild spotting going into a proper bleed, then mild spotting, tapering off to nothing, all over about 5 days. ... (13 replies)
... I am posting here in the hope that it may help some other women who are going through the same thing as me, and have been told by their doctor that there is nothing wrong with them. ... (1 replies)

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