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... ore my period would start. Then it progressed to any day or time of the month as I approached the stage of severe perimenopausal symptoms. Brrr.....I would get chills that had me shaking and curled up under several comforters and a blanket. It even took my electric blanket turned up high awhile to defrost my freezing body. ... (1 replies)
... having are. They don't ease up at all through the day unless I am concentrating really hard on something, or literally running around. It's kind of like having chills that come with a fever, but no fever, and I feel COLD. Even with the weather nice, I am in a sweater. Sometimes my skin feels like it is almost crawling. ... (1 replies)
... I think I'm perimenopause but not sure. ... (1 replies)

Aug 6, 2014
... Hi everyone. I'm a newbie and here is my first post. I hope I'm posting it in the right category. I'm 48 and I've had some on and off symptoms of perimenopause starting about 3 or 4 years ago. First sign was night sweats. I would wake up in the middle of the night so blasted hot I would strip down to just my panties. ... (3 replies)
... I'm having a bad sinus infection right now..but I'm wondering if acid reflux is in play as well. Can't shake the cough. I do have chills. I also feel like I have a fever too. But I don't. I've taken my temp and sometimes it's really low 95.6 even. Then it goes up to normal. Or I will just get overall chills..feet really cold..hands and face. And this was even before I was... (13 replies)
... I did have my thyroid function checked earlier this year and it was fine. I googled on the internet (which I do too often) and there is some correlation of cold flashes in perimenopause. They say sometimes your body temperature goes up just enough (without you noticing) and the thermostat in your brain tries to regulate you. Just another one of the lovely symptoms of... (13 replies)
... I too have a whooshing sound in my ear. That's been going on for quite a few years. After turning 40.... Yesterday I had chills without hot flashes. The most common symptom seems to be hot flashes....that's the one I don't have. I have a feeling I am going through this unconventionally. ... (71 replies)
... I am also 43 and have just started having things happen. My doctor thinks peri may be apart of my troubles. For the past couple years my periods were very heavy and awful cramps. Now since about Sept they are much lighter & a bit longer (but still regular). Never had anxiety, chills, night sweats etc ever until this past September. Anxiety hitting me out of the blue any time... (7 replies)
... It says 66 but there was only 49 listed. I found this in the archives and decided to repost because I have been having crazy symptoms lately and they are on this list and they really scared me! Maybe it will help others too... SIXTY-SIX PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: These are very real physical changes and conditions. Some symptoms alarm a woman that she may be suffering from a... (13 replies)
... Hi there. I too get chills and hot flushes at the same time. I've just started getting them and they usually occur at night. ... (9 replies)
... Usually the hot flashes are caused by lack of progesterone and the chills may be due to estrogen dominance. Have you tried any progesterone cream yet? ... (9 replies)
... can you have a hot flash and getting chills at the same time ? ... (9 replies)
... some of you mention your Dr. said you were in perimenopause. I have had a lot of symptoms that sound like anxiety (internal shaking, chills, tired, frequent bathroom, weak, adrenaline rush, weak and more) I had my LH and FSH tested, and regular Dr. said they were normal. What kind of tests and what levels should they be at to know if you are peri-menopausal? anyone... (3 replies)
... the embarassing part is i get these goosebumpy sensations especially on my face, tummy sides, arms and legs, and i wonder if others can see it too !!! Theyre not chills or actual goosebumps. More like being excited but without any reason! And they start off without warning. ... (5 replies)
... All the symptoms you are describing could be peri. I think you are smart to get checked out by your doctor, if anything, to rule out other issues and have peace of mind. Especially since you are on the young side. It will be interesting to see where your hormones are at. I started having peri symptoms around age 38 with an increase in migraines (although not severe, just more... (18 replies)
... weeks before my period. When I say chills I'm talking about teeth chattering, shaking, quivering, deep bone freezing chills. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Lynn: I just turned 48 and have the same symptoms u have...I am hoping it is all over soon..I started symptoms in my late 30s, early 40s and it was mostly night sweats and off and on dizziness.. Then the past few years I started getting irregular periods, trouble sleeping/insomnia, extreme tiredness, anxiety, terrible headaches the first few days before my period, and... (32 replies)
... I believe that it is a symptom of perimenopause. Just the opposite of a hot flash. You might try a progesterone cream to help with them. Do a google search on it. (3 replies)
... I think what you'll find here is that many women start menopause (perimenopause) quite earlier than they would have thought. I may take up to 10 years (or longer) to actually get to menopause. Fun, huh? I started getting symptoms at around age 38 after being off the bc pill for about a year. I'd been on it most of my adult life and never had to deal with cramps, PMS, etc.... (6 replies)
... HRBgal: Sorry you didn't get responses right away and this is kinda late, but thought I'd drop a note. I'm 47 and believe that I started having peri symptoms as early as age 38, but just didn't identify with it. I had severe cramping, more migranes around my period and worsening PMS. Within a couple of years, added insomnia, then a couple of more years, add an occasional... (6 replies)

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