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... but I could've have written your post almost word for word! I am 50 and have been in menopause for 3 yrs. ... (4 replies)
... after several ultrasounds and a CT scan of my abdomen. I suffered insane constipation for 6 months, which seems to have dissappeared. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! I haven't posted for quite awhile. I've gone through menopause and have been doing quite well. I haven't had a period in over 2 years. ... (3 replies)

Menopause or not
Nov 6, 2012
... erious i cant even go too get tested too ease my mind im so greatful for these sites it eases my mind alittle. have you or anyone else have problems with IBS or constipation and diarreah? ... (11 replies)
... It says 66 but there was only 49 listed. I found this in the archives and decided to repost because I have been having crazy symptoms lately and they are on this list and they really scared me! Maybe it will help others too... SIXTY-SIX PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: These are very real physical changes and conditions. Some symptoms alarm a woman that she may be suffering from a... (13 replies)
... I just use the Camol suppositories and this homeopathic cream, but they will never go away. It must be about pushing too hard when trying to go. The constipation is brutal! ... (24 replies)
... esium which is helping. I'm continuing to take both as the magnesium won't do any harm. Another benefit of the magnesium is that for years I have suffered from constipation and it has eased significantly. As for my mind, there are times when I feel like I'm going insane. ... (21 replies)
... times per week. Stops bloating, constipation and really works. There's also something a woman on this forum recommended to me, that I haven't tried yet, called 'Womens Menopausal Formula. ... (9 replies)
... I am 43 years old so all of this is confusing to me...My mother said she never had any menopause problems, so she was no help. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, perimenopause can cause high blood pressure. Diebetes, all kinds of good stuff! ACK! Look at these symtoms I found on another thread. I have almost all of them! Oh what a joy! lol. I think not? We are all in this together girls! So hang on tight and ride the rollercoaster of womanhood! Weeee! Typical perimenopause symptoms ... (10 replies)
... What's that's alot of good information, Estria. That's so interesting that you've noticed some things, too, about taking the progesterone. I really appreciate you putting down that quote from Christianne Northrup's book. I have 2 of her books so I probably have that, and have just missed it. VERY interesting that progesterone can be transformed into other hormones like... (7 replies)
... Hello Chantal, In my experience with meds, the dosage didn't matter much. I checked the government's website for your bp med and the following side effects were listed: dizziness or lightheadedness flushing (feeling of warmth) headache excessive tiredness slower heartbeat upset stomach loss of appetite (42 replies)
... When you say 'can't eat', do you mean you get sick and throw up or you get gas/indigestion, diahrea or what? Since I've been in my forties my monthly has been off and on. I do notice my tolerance for certain foods has diminished. Particularly spicy foods, certain sauces, dressings, most anything greasy, including stuff like dark-meat poultry. Can't have yogurt either. However... (5 replies)
... Hi Shelly, just read that you are from Elizabethon Tn we are neighbors I live in Kingsport Tn. I'm 44 and deal with some stomach problems, bloating, gas, constipation. Although I haven't really had alot of symptoms of menopause, but I know I'm right there with you girl friend. nice to talk to others who can relate and nice to meet a new neighbor. God BLess, ... (8 replies)
... i go see my D.O dr tomorrow for a follow up about my colon and i have a colon ospicie and a scope done may 14th to find out why my stomach hurts and also for the constipation and see my dad died from colon cancer and my sister has it now but shes in remission . ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I'm new here. I have been having the same problems, bloating, gas, has gotten much worse in the past year. I am 45 and have only had 4 periods in the past 2 years. What brand of probiotics do you use? I have been using Garden of Life's Primal defense for the past 2 weeks, it works a little too well, maybe my body needs time to adjust. My hot flashes... (8 replies)
... The best thing I've found for this is probiotics. It replaces bad bacteria w/ good. It makes the digestive process go much better & you won't have to deal w/ constipation. I honestly think it keeps me alive since I'm such a poor eater. I think there is a connection because I started having IBS just before peri started. kd (8 replies)
... I have bowel problems too, I have to take colon cleanses or something to help me out. I am 44 and haven't had any symptoms of menopause but I know it's knocking at my door, lol. I live with constipation, bloating, gas, and cramps, and I hate it! ... (8 replies)
... My menopause has not been like others. No hot flashes. ... (8 replies)
... totally agree with viktik. you have to eat the right stuff and you'll be fine. the biggest (and most expensive) part of my weekly grocery bill is the fruit and veg. i supermarket-shop each tuesday with my sister, and fill half the trolley with fruit and veg. come sunday, whatever hasn't been eaten is made into veg soup, which lasts the next couple of days. it's got to the... (5 replies)

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