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... yes I'm very familiar with the cramps that feel like labor pains, but no period. I also didn't understand about phantom periods until recently. I haven't had a period in about two months and each day I pray that I won't. ... (2 replies)
Depression or PMS?
Sep 19, 2011
... days prior, no matter what sleeping aids I use. It drives me mad. Other times all I do is sleep, the fatigue is mind numbing. I wake up feeling exhausted, I get cold easily, my feet and hands and nose especially during these times. ... (1 replies)
... symptoms of peri right now are mainly the anxiety and fatique and now and then some gastro things but nothing unusual and nothing that I have not dealt with way before this. The anxiety and fatique are the biggest things. I think the fatigue is partly due to the anxiety as it is draining !! ... (27 replies)

... ly season of life where hormones are ruling my life. I am 49 and have been having perimenopause symptoms for a few years...mostly pms getting worse and headaches before and during my just feeling tired and down. ... (4 replies)
... achy sensation. It's happened before and I mentioned it to the dr who wasn't too concerned. ... (0 replies)
Polyp removal
Jun 6, 2013
... know what has been causing your heavy periods and pain and that your cysts and polyp were benign. As you say both good and not so good information. How are you feeling with it all? ... (27 replies)
Menopause SUCKS!
Oct 19, 2011
... s later again, another one! I have always been very regular. So I went to my dr. who scheduled an ultrasound for me. But in between that time, the every two week period thing stopped, so I just didn't go. ... (1 replies)
... d an awful couple of weeks and I am so sick of all of this perimenopausal stuff. I am 46 years old and for the last couple of years have noticed changes. I was feeling anxious, tired and my periods started coming about every 20 days. Last year I started on natural progesterone cream which made such a difference. ... (3 replies)
... ere roughly 28 days apart, not much for variation. I was getting them on or very close to the 20th of each month and they were on time and expected each time. My period used to last anywhere from 5days heavy, to 7days light for a few days. ... (5 replies)
... re and I live in the USA. I just came upon this site and I cant believe you are going through exactly what I am. I am 47 years old and for several years, a week before my period I feel like I am loosing my mind, severe brain fog,IBS bouts,crying all the time, no energy, I feel like I am actually going to die as well. ... (32 replies)
... scanty. In the past, I was always so full of boundless energy. It's almost scary to suddenly be so tired all the time. The only symptoms I previously had with my period was that the day I got it, I would get tired about 2 hours before it started and then I would get all my normal energy back. ... (32 replies)
... the last two months I have been getting extremely tired and unwell on the run up and during my period and the most incredible brain fog. ... (19 replies)
... I am getting quite worried about how I feel a week before my periods and during. ... (32 replies)
... Boy, I can relate to the heart palps. and that "rushing" feeling you were talking about. I get that really bad a few days before I ovulate and again a few days before I start a period. I also will be awakened in the morning sometimes with palpitations or a weird arrhymia in my heart sometimes. ... (1126 replies)
... and I know it takes a long time to get over. I know friends who are susceptible to it also and one had a near case of pneumonia as your husband did, and just was exhausted for awhile. ... (1126 replies)
How I am Coping
Jul 21, 2005
... Yes, I agree it is a merry go round of symptoms and sometimes not so merry!! LOL!! I just feel this month has not been as good as last. I just am feeling things more. Not like in the earlier part of the year or last year certainly but more so than last month. ... (412 replies)
... I started feeling better when I started coming to terms with everything. I told myself I would figure it all out myself since the drs. couldn't. ... (13 replies)
... er urine to see if my UTI is gone. Maybe she will know. I'm tired of running to doctors. I didn't wake up this morning in a fury, like alot of times I do. My period is close, due Sat, I'll see if I get it then. I know I spotted last Friday after having hot flushes for two days. ... (13 replies)
... The two weeks before your period are high progesterone and estrogen times. Are you ovulating every month to where you would produce enough progesterone? ... (3 replies)
... Hi Valerie! Oh I sure do get the racing in the heart and the palpitatons. Although my palpitations are a bit better now due to having my period 6 days ago, and the progesterone creme did help alot, I'm on day 6 after my period and I'm bouncing around again. ... (55 replies)

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