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... I also have suffered with this low grade fever feeling and it really made me very anxious as to what was going on, my doctor used to look at me as if i were a mad hypochondriac,so it is nice in a strange way to know others that have had this, also have fibromyalgia,IBS, and acid reflux,these have been with me for about 5 years, am now able to blame, the menopause,i suffer HOT... (5 replies)
... me to,i feel hot inside but skin is cold,i have this when im on my periods,like i have a constant fever,and hot feet when in bed,also waking up soaking wet,with sweat,when periods end it stops,im 48,it worries me that i have a fever and theres somthing wrong with me,i thought a flash was a flash but this stays for houres, :)shirley (5 replies)
... ught i was going nuts, i was having the hot flashes then here come these cold periods where im wearing a robe in june. Sometimes it feels like i have a lowgrade fever at times. Then at night i have the hot flashes. ... (5 replies)

... Hi, I havent been on for while but im in meno and have hot flashes where i will wake up just sweating hot. Then there are other times i am froze and feel like got a low grade fever. Has anyone else experience this is it normal? Tami (5 replies)
... Thanks for reply. It's so weird because after the hot feeling, I'll get cold and shiver. I think I read others here get these hot/cold symptoms too. (4 replies)
... First of all, thanks for the welcome and responses to my first post, DCS and SusieQ................I cannot believe that there are others who are going through the same thing as I am. I'll post an update on my doctor visit yesterday shortly, but do have a question about these periodic bouts of feeling flu-like that I get. I feel just like I have the flu - body aches, no... (0 replies)
... I am 44 and going through the VERY same thing. It's horrible! I hate it but am realizing that its all part of life and the change. Has she had her hormones checked? I just did and I am low on Progesterone and Testosterone. I had bioidentical topical creams made just for me to help replace what I have been losing. I have only been on them for a few days. I will keep you posted... (4 replies)
... Yes, I think it is absolutely normal. - I have it too and am menopausal. One minute I am absolutely freezing. I put extra clothes on and get all warm in a blanket. I feel perfect for about 60 seconds, and than feel a wave of heat and then have to tear off my blanket and clothes. It is maddening, as you can never get comfortable. Looks like alot of us are dealing with... (5 replies)
... MYSISSYGIRLS, I call them "cold flashes" to distinguish them from "hot flashes". They're both very common. Welcome to the club! --Rheanna (5 replies)
... Hi, Iím new to this board & these symptoms. Iím 46 & have had irregular periods for about 2 years. This is the longest though Ė I havenít had a period since Dec. In reading everyoneís comment I have many of the same symptoms (anxiety, acne, low energy, just not feeling well, nausea, leg cramps). Except I havenít had hot flashes but instead COLD FLASHES which have started... (42 replies)
... that I haven't had a period. I am feeling very very weak, like I am sick, but with no other symptoms, maybe my head feels like a balloon. It feels like I have a fever, but I don't. ... (5 replies)
... I've been struggling w/lightheadedness/dizziness/off-balance for a while. It used to just come and go on occasion, but this last week it has been happening a few times a day. I can be just sitting and I'll just get a little "wave" of motion. Tonite in the grocery store I was looking at meat and I thought someone pushed me because the wave was so strong. It only lasts a... (13 replies)
... blushed feeling in my face,and many times when this happens my temp is in that 99 pt. range. ... (3 replies)
... Well, I was never told that what I had was peri, but it sure sounds exactly like you Moon. I had a UTI-like feeling (though wasn't given antibiotics because dr said I didn't have one) along with a general all over feeling of ill-health. I know I was running a low-grade fever (which again dr didn't think I had, but since my normal temp is 97ish, I felt miserable at 99 and he... (5 replies)
... I don't know if it's actually feeling sick, esp. ... (5 replies)
... at my stomach but twice I have. Once I got so sick throwing up I thought I had had it ... lol That was the first one I had. Not to scare you.Sometimes you get a fever too. What does your pain feel like. If you need to know anything else let me know. Yep they zapped all mine but 1. I passed it. One time I had three.. ... (42 replies)
... I had TKR a few months ago. Before surgery I stopped taking my birth control pills (about a month before). Now, three months later I have not had another period (almost 4 months) but I am having some strange cramp like feelings in my lower right abdomen(almost like a short shocking feeling more than a cramp), nausea and a little diahrea. A month ago I would have thought it was... (2 replies)
... after period is over, throat tightness, weird aches and pains, feeling like my life is falling apart, just not feeling myself. Like you these things come and go. I'll be 43 this fall. I started noticing changes around 40. I'm having a devil of a time with it. ... (15 replies)
... urn , feeling as though food stuck in throat , light headed, off balance , hot flashes, night sweats , weak, extreme fatigue , trouble remembering things , tight feeling in face, dry lips , eye irritation , uti, breast lump, bp up and down , weird pains in head , losing muscle tone , ect . I'm sure I'm forgetting some . ... (15 replies)
... after period is over, moodiness, pretty much feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, not knowing who I am anymore, it's crazy ! ... (6 replies)

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