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Irregular periods
Sep 22, 2005
... I've been reading a lot of posts from ladies who have heavy, gushing periods with peri. ... (3 replies)
... Heavy menstrual flow, to where I thought I was hemorraghing, along with labor pain cramps were one of my initial signs of perimenopause when I was in my late 30's. I had no idea what was to come next. I complained to my ob/gyn for almost 2 years about the heavy bleeding and finally she agreed to do a vaginal sonogram. The diagnosis was polyp and fibroids. Since the removal... (2 replies)
... Some days I'm so tired I can't even complete a thought , let alone show signs of intelligence. The gushing periods scare me. I don't have that now but I do have some heavy ones where I really don't like to leave the house the first few days of my period. Oh the joy! ... (10 replies)

... In Sept. of last year, I had 2 periods in one month. Oct and Nov were normal. Dec I didn't get a period and the next one came Jan on the 14th. And today? ... (2 replies)
... meno according to the folicle test. I was still having gushing periods twice a month. It just took awhile for my periods to stop even though my ovaries had already quit working. ... (10 replies)
... pen around 39 and I am now 49 and smack dab in the middle of peri, but I think on the down slope. I have had every symptom out there and now am starting to skip periods and have hot flashes. Something I hadn't done until last year. I am now at day 55 since my last period. ... (13 replies)
... My initial symptoms were irregular periods, gushing periods, bodyaches, bladder infections, and horrible pms that consisted mainly of mood swings. ... (4 replies)
... At the age of 38 mine were bodyaches, sleep disturbance, swelling, weight gain, hip pains, repeated bladder infections, irregular periods, heavy gushing periods, and severe pms that consisted mainly of mood swings. ... (13 replies)
... I was in my late 30's, I'm now 44, and my periods started coming earlier and later. Then I was having gushing periods, longer pms, and labor pain cramps. ... (8 replies)
... To make it start - why? Just curious! :confused: (11 replies)
... I've been dealing with perimenopause for 3 years and I've dealt with spotting for 30 days, gushing periods, scanty periods, phantom periods, having a regular 7 day period stopping for a week and then having another 7 day regular period, labor pain cramps, no cramps at all, and the list can go on and on...Now I've gone 67 days without a period only to be placed on medication to... (11 replies)
... My "sudden" weight gain happened twice, actually, the first time was when peri started, as in gushing periods twice a month. Then again right after I started my first major period skipping episode. ... (10 replies)
Heavy Bleeding
Feb 22, 2005
... I have had gushing periods for almost 10 years now. ... (8 replies)
Heavy Bleeding
Feb 18, 2005
... I'm 43 and have also had gushing periods and LONG lasting ones for over a year now. An ultrasound showed an enlarged uterus and fibroids. They also did a uterine biopsy, which was negative. ... (8 replies)
Heavy Bleeding
Feb 17, 2005
... ve this but my cousin has had this and it was a couple years ago. She is now 51. This had been her biggest symptom in peri ...that she got longer and very heavy periods and the term "gushing" is what she used also to describe it. I don't know if it was every time, but it was more the norm for her than now. ... (8 replies)
... Welcome to this board! Well, I didn't have the heavy periods you described but my sister did so I will tell you what she went through. ... (12 replies)
... fide symptoms by age 40 in the form of gushing periods. Although I had also been diagnosed with hepatitis c at the same time, I thought that's what was causing all my problems, even tho my Dr. didn't agree. ... (24 replies)
Nov 1, 2004
... That sounds familiar... two periods in one month. I started peri symptoms with "gushing" periods, those were almost worse than the 10 day periods. ... (7 replies)
... e 40 with a return of PMS that felt as tho my body was being poisioned every month. Jan. 2000 turned into all month long PMS, like a long bad case of the flu and gushing periods. After several trips to the family Dr., I ended up in a psychologist's chair cuz Dr. ... (7 replies)
... years ago, weird periods maybe 2 or 3 a year. ... (24 replies)

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