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... My Mom died when I was pretty young, so couldn't get any feedback from her. In my case, my worst "peri" symptoms started after I stopped having periods! During the 2 years they were irregular, I didn't have too much, other than the annoyance of never knowing when I'd get it, and a couple of really really heavy ones. ... (43 replies)
... I didn't realize your BF was such a wonderful support system for you during your really bad time. I think that is just wonderful. ... (43 replies)
... Last night I was feeling very tired ..combination of feeling that period coming kind of tired and also had a long conversation with my aunt and things of course are not good there. ... (1126 replies)

... during my period I bloat up and gain about 10 pounds then bleed so much I can hardly keep the tampons changed for about...oh... ... (17 replies)
... Yes the ibs symptoms , whether one has that or not, can flare during this peri time. I know for me last year it was really more prominent and I had never had that situation to that extent. ... (1126 replies)
... I went through peri for about 3 years. During those years I experienced anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia and irregular periods with spotting. Actually, it wasn't too bad because when I got my period everything felt better. ... (17 replies)
... Oh gosh, Linda, no wonder you had a period with all that stress! ... (13 replies)
Sep 22, 2005
... ogen dominance. I take armour thyroid 3 grs, natural progesterone to counter balance the high estrogen. Low thyroid or adrenal fatigue can cause insomnia. I have hot flashes and night sweats from my high estrogen. My cholesterol went from 236 last year to 193 this year. That was from the armour thyroid not diet and exercise. ... (1 replies)
What am I missing?
Sep 20, 2005
... I am one of the people that is "counting down" so to speak to the 12th "month marker". I have not had my period since July 5th. ... (4 replies)
Count Down
Sep 20, 2005
... has to do with my hormones, my blood pressure will suddenly just spike. All of this has taken place within the last month which correlates with me not having a period in 46 days. ... (24 replies)
Count Down
Sep 19, 2005
... derful then other days not so wonderful and very low. I do not take birth control pills nor have I since my early 20s for a couple years, but have had feelings during this time of anxiety thru this peri ride,nervousness and feeling wobbly. ... (24 replies)
... It sounds as if you are well into peri. I would go 4 months without a period and have your described symptoms. Then a period would show up and I felt good for awhile. This cycle lasted for two years and then period free for one year only to have another period. ... (8 replies)
... ro did. If so, I may ask to switch as well sometime down the road. I hate to do that. Outside of the orgasm thing, the Paxil is great. It even normalized my period this month. Perfect 28 day cycle! Almost no PMS. I'd like to just give my nerves a rest for the time being. ... (1126 replies)
... and we desperately need each other to get through this. I talked to my neighbor today and she said that she stopped her period when she was about 49 and is still having hot flashes, and she 56 right now. ... (23 replies)
Aug 5, 2005
... ergot. Thank the Lord that mostly stopped the hot flashes and sweats. I have mini strokes, so cannot take hrt. ... (1 replies)
... I haven't had a period for two years and most of my symptoms have disappeared. However, the ones that have stayed are mild as compared to peri. ... (9 replies)
... (5 replies)
... Babydog, Symptoms are.... Period fluctuation - coming sooner, then later, lasting longer but not any heavier. Also, a slight brown discharge for a day between day 11 and 14 Mild hot flashes Night Sweats Heart Palps, flip-flops Trouble sleeping - Had bad bout of insomnia end of last year where for about 5 weeks I had an average of about 4-1/2 hours sleep per night.... (5 replies)
How I am Coping
Jul 21, 2005
... hough, not just that. I think that is the worst part of peri. ..the anxiety. I was given Xanax to take as needed for peri anxiety and took it more so last year during those 3 months. ... (412 replies)
How I am Coping
Jul 10, 2005
... on him too. He would worry about me, I knew and I didn't want to add to his worries. I did talk to my mom and my friends, if I had only known about this board during all this time, it would have helped me so much! ... (412 replies)

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