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Menopause nausea
Jul 31, 2015
... depressants to try and slow this nausea down, it's only my first day and I was wondering how long you took them before you noticed any real change. ... (8 replies)
Menopause nausea
Jul 31, 2015
... I had severe nausea at the beginning of peri 1 1/2 years ago. At that time i didn't know it was hormone induced. I thought i was pregnant at 50! 3 months later blood tests showed my Estrogen was sky high and progesterone almost non existent. All other tests came out negative. I couldn't eat anything and i lost lots of weight. The only thing that helped me was Mirtazapine or... (8 replies)
Menopause nausea
Jul 26, 2015
... Hi I've had idiopathic nausea for 3 yrs I'm 59. ... (8 replies)

Menopause nausea
Jul 26, 2015
... No, don't use a CPAP machine but thanks for the suggestion. Feel like this nausea is caused by hormone levels and wondering if it will ever go away (8 replies)
Menopause nausea
Jul 25, 2015
... I've just started to use one and I am finding myself feeling nausea beyond my usual 1st few period days of nausea and I found out that CPAP can cause nausea in some people. Would never have thought that! ... (8 replies)
... Showing a few signs that I may be approaching Peri-Menopause at the age of 43 - Dr says its probable at my age but not much more than that, my cycles are shorter & shorter, I'm now averaging 22-24 day cycles, periods are extremely painful/heavy but don't last long (only 4 days usually) But the last few months I have suffered from horrible nausea which resembles morning... (3 replies)
Menopause nausea
Jul 6, 2015
... Have you tried HRT? (8 replies)
Menopause nausea
Jul 5, 2015
... Thanks Titchou Already had my gallbladder checked so that's not the culprit in this menopausal nightmare...hope it ends soon (8 replies)
Menopause nausea
Jul 1, 2015
... symptoms as me and get some knowledge. I am 52 years old and thru blood work have been told I am now officially post menopausal. My problem has been debilitating nausea for 7 months now. ... (8 replies)
Menopause nausea
Jul 1, 2015
... This is going to sound odd but a friend had the same thing happen and it was her gallbladder. If the ultrasound is normal, ask for a HIDA scan to check for function. That's what she had to do and her result was 5% function. Had it out and all was well. (8 replies)
... Hi there.......I am 53 and boy sounds like peri-menopause to me. I have been in peri-menopause for a while now. My periods are crazy.....very non-regular. I have anxiety big time....joint pain.....muscle pain.....nausea off and on....stomach gurgling....sometimes diarrhea....very jittery. within the last 8 months I had a mammogram, vaginal ultrasound, ct scan of abdomen and... (8 replies)
Going nuts
Jun 7, 2015
... now missed three periods. I have noticed that since this time I am having stomach issues that an endoscope procedure showed as only mild gastritis. Anxiety and nausea are occurring on a fairly regular basis as well as insomnia. I also have occasions when my face feels like a fever but my temperature is normal. ... (4 replies)
... Dealing with the hot and cold flashes. I have heard then that the fluctuations could cause dizziness and nausea but now I'm just confused. Has any of you ladies had this too? ... (2 replies)
... Hi all, new here! A bit about me: 49 years old. Been experiencing mild symptoms of menopause for the last year and 1/2 or so. Mild hot flashes, anxiety and irritability that Meds took care of mostly. I had an endometrial ablasion a couple years back for heavy periods (best thing I ever did) and found out last year I was menopausal after having a few hot flashes and being... (2 replies)
... The next day we went for breakfast, I ordered with everyone else but when the food came I had a menopause moment, I got my food, ate a half of a piece of toast and excused myself from the table...didn't get sick,sick but felt queasy just looking at the food. ... (34 replies)
... I am getting so sick and tired of mostly this Nausea and this feeling of Dread just before a Hot Flash. ... (6 replies)
... I am so tired of this! I think most doctors don't really know much about this whole thing. On top of all the other bad symptoms of menopause the last few weeks I burp all the time, especially after eating. Today I don't have much of an appetite at all. And hot flashes all day..... ... (6 replies)
... I had HORRIBLE nausea that seemed to come on very suddenly at times. I'm 57 now and this was when I was in my early 40s during Peri Hell! ... (2 replies)
... For me it was everything hitting at once. I had hot flashes, cold sweats, ANXIETY, morning sickness like nausea AND fatigue. ... (6 replies)
... I have encouraging news for you. I started perimenopause 9 years ago and the crushing fatigue and nausea was awful. I chose to not go on anything, but change my lifestyle. ... (6 replies)

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