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... en a flare happened, it would go away fairly quickly. However, the past few days have been pure hell... I am in severe pain, especially in the right hand, I have numbness and tingling. I have slept three hours in the past 72 hours, I am woken up by the pain. ... (1 replies)
Menopause or not
Nov 5, 2012
... The numbness and tingling sounds consistent with what lots of women report around peri, though. Myfeet tingle slightly. ... (11 replies)
Jul 19, 2012
... arrive. I am not pregnant, tubes are ties and am 45. This is the first time I've been late accept for pregnancy. I was wondering if I'm starting to experience menopause symptoms. I've experienced a lot of numbness in my legs these and have pregnancy symptoms. Feeling sick a lot. ... (1 replies)

Jul 16, 2012
... Do any one here have numbness in legs, hands, head and face? ... (1 replies)
... Hmmm . . . this could very well refer to my present concerns regarding leg numbness and association with menopause. ... (22 replies)
... d the pain in my calfs as well, but i only had a neoroligist check me due to b6 overdose. but i wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem as well and if menopause could be the blame. but if it is then WHY that symptom? ... (22 replies)
... Hi Ladies Reading this healthboard is to be honest is a miracle, I feel better just reading it. Some of the posts I could have written myself. I've had some dodgy symptoms for 7 months now. I've had an MRI scan, been to the Mini Stroke Clinic, had blood tests and nothing has shown up. I've seen 4 different doctors and none of them have even suggested the it could be... (17 replies)
... Seems that I have benign fasciculation syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that causes twitching while my legs are at rest. So, when I sleep at night, my calf muscles are constantly spasming. When I get up, my muscles are fatigued from all that movement and are sore. (It is different than RLS as my legs don't actually move around while I sleep.) Not much information available... (22 replies)
... your going threw all of this... i posted the thought you may have restless leg syndrome..i think it is ironic you too have thyroid issues as well as going threw menopause as i am going threw all this too...i am on meds for r.l.s. and still have them twitching when i go to bed ..they ache when im on my legs for short periods.. ... (22 replies)
... Hi All, Thanks for checking up on me and sorry to have disappeared for a bit. I'm still plodding through many tests trying to get to the bottom of this leg issue. My primary doctor was insisting that I go on Lyme meds, even though my tests came back as inconclusive. I sought another opinion and am now having tests for folic acid deficiency and general neuropathy. New... (22 replies)
... hello ..i also am going threw menopause and i have restless leg syndrom..they ache on and off and when i go to bed at night they keep me awake..feels like i have to move them when im resting... ... (22 replies)
... Hi Cougparent, sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm not sure I know what cytomel is used for....could you let me know? Do you have bouts of anxiety? Or stress? You know, it could be a nerve coming from your doesn't mean your back has to be bothering you necessarily....but a nerve going down your leg and foot. I guess if it were me....and even though I HATE... (22 replies)
... Thanks for writing. Sorry that you, too, are having discomfort! I have read that hypothyroid can cause leg pains. I wonder if yours are from that or from menopause in general. The pain you have sounds very similar to mine. It does move around from behind my knee to lower in my calf. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Merry Mom, I am a 55 year old female and stopped having my perioids 2 years ago. I was having mostly night sweats, moody, crying. My doctor wanted me to go on hormones but I was scared to do over the past two years, I've coped. OK, now to the legs. This past September, I too, started having leg problems! It started in my left calf...then moved to the... (22 replies)
... Also get some tingling and numbness in arms and legs. ... (22 replies)
... Yes, perimenopause can cause high blood pressure. Diebetes, all kinds of good stuff! ACK! Look at these symtoms I found on another thread. I have almost all of them! Oh what a joy! lol. I think not? We are all in this together girls! So hang on tight and ride the rollercoaster of womanhood! Weeee! Typical perimenopause symptoms ... (10 replies)
... Dizzy spells, a feeling of being spaced out all the time, nausea, anxiety, panic attacks, the time between each period used to be 28 days now it's every 25 days, numbness in my hands when I wake up. I had my gallbladder removed 6 years ago but now I get alot of pain there just before my period. ... (5 replies)
... I just had all my test's done eeg,mri,ct scan blood and emg all is normal. I guess this is perimenopause. I wish i knew for sure this is really strange. (7 replies)
... ut enough to know its there and then i get light headed. it only lasts about 10 seconds and then it's gone. i have not had this in over a week now so it might be menopause or a pinched nerve in my spine. i go for an mri next week and then we can see what it is if anything. ... (7 replies)
... No i just have a weak feeling when i get the tingling like feeling and get light headed as well (7 replies)

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