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... seems to linger. The other question have have is, is perimenopause pain usually one sided? ... (12 replies)
... HI, I'm 45 and I'm a least that's what I feel like. It does comfort me to see so many other women with the same symptoms. I've had two major panic attacks, one in 2012 (when all this started) and one in 2013, and ended up in the hospital. They ER docs actually asked me if I was using "recreational drugs" because they couldn't find anything wrong with me.... (9 replies)
... I just got my period for the 4th straight month at close to day 28. I'm feeling pretty good except I still have some anxiety and feel like crying during certain times almost as if I'm still having the roller coaster hormone levels. I can feel great one day and crappy the next. ... (4 replies)

... Hi MerryKate. I just want to tell you that evening primrose oil is a phytoestrogen, so if you are estrogen dominant, then I wouldn't be taking this supplement. Evening primrose oil helps if your estrogen is low,but if your progesterone is low, it will make it worse. Just speaking from five years of experience dealing with unbalanced hormones. T (17 replies)
... I know how you feel been going through it for over one year. I started last December, and its been no fun at all to deal with. The crying spells, anxiety, cold flashes, hot flashes, nauseous, and the bleeding with clots. The cold spells are the worst cause it hits me from head to toe. ... (17 replies)
... Having a bad day today. Friday I woke up feeling like crying and so nauseated. Was meeting a friend at the gym and went anyhow. We did yoga and walked the treadmill and she just listened to me. ... (17 replies)
... re better off addressing the root cause, which is hormonal imbalance. What you're describing sounds like estrogen dominance, which happens with a lot of women in perimenopause as the progesterone levels start to drop. Even though your estrogen may also be dropping, the ratio between the two hormones is important. ... (17 replies)
... Hi this is my first post. I am 43, mom of 5 kids and my first grandbaby is expected any day now. I've been trying to get an GYN to listen to me. First one who delievered my two youngest kids (who are 19 and 14 yrs of age now) told me to buy a Vit D lamp for my mood swings. She did a base line of my hormones years ago but said eveything was just normal and fine. Never did... (17 replies)
... Ive been reading all these posts and this all just sounds like me.I have changed my doctor as my old one was useless, my new doctors have ben brilliant ive had loads of tests thyroid, diabeties, hormones the lot, but my doctor and practice nurse have said hormone tests dont show up untill you have had 12 months period free.Im shaky especially my legs, bad paplatations... (71 replies)
... Yes, low estrogen causes low serotonin (thus, crying and anxiety). And during menopause levels of estrogen can fluctuate widely from the thousands of pg/ml (!) to less than 10 pg/ml within days and then can go up again. I guess it is the ovaries last gasps and the brain trying frantically to make them produce a cycle. And then as estrogen levels decline (during... (3 replies)
... ge 49. 2 years heavy on off some 15 days long. Anemic on iron. Doc told to me try Provera 10 mg 10 days again had tried year before bad reaction but then ER gyno said I had to take Provera to stop the bleeding! - no choice. On Day 1 of provera 10 mg the 26 day bleed stopped! Day 2 thought I was dying of heart attack - heart pains and palps heart pounding in ears up all night... (12 replies)
... I have an appt with my doctor next Monday to check a place on my breast that I want her to look at. So I can talk to her about hormones and the crying then. But until then, I thought I'd see if y'all had any advice. ... (8 replies)
... at everything. I was on Facebook a little while ago and almost started crying at a picture of a cat I saw. I got an email from a coworker and almost started crying at my desk. I feel like crying at the fact that menopause means my chances of having kids really is over. I feel like crying at just about everything today. ... (8 replies)
... Hi....43 and I feel like crying all the time. For stupid stuff too. ... (17 replies)
Feb 13, 2013
... do your ovaries ache when you are waiting to have your period,my period is due on friday and for the past 2 days my ovaries are aching well just one side now the other side has started ive noticed this for a few months now,im been blaming a water infection then saying it was my hip now i just think its my ovaries.Im 46 and getting my period every 24 days now im hot when my... (0 replies)
... ... Hello be greatful they are testing you i still dont know which ends is up if im perimenopausal i have symptoms but i still get my period every month i just never know when its comming i get it anywhere from 21-25 days i skipped one month when i started all this back in june ive mentioned it too my drs family and gyno and they both seeem too blow it off with out any... (5 replies)
... hello i am going thru this right now the pain is so uncomfortable i wanna cry i dont know if its because my period is due or is it an infection because ive had them on and off for the last few weeks im tired of calling my dr because im afraid hes gonna think im a nut case but i feel just like you do im wobbly i get crying spells the shakes and my heart is racing the only ... (3 replies)
... HRT might work, rather raging ones, so I wait. From my experience, progesterone is the first hormone to go overactive. This happened for two years, with lots of crying and depression. ... (17 replies)
... you are definatly right about writing it down it forms a pattern and it does help im 45 and i am on day 16 i have been coming on between 24 and 29 days each month well this morning im having trouble breathin and im having palpatations everything seems scary and im thinking here we go fro today it just goes downhill untill i have had my period which isnt good.Im thinking oh no... (17 replies)
Going crazy
Dec 19, 2012
... .. hello ladies i guess we can say we are all in the same boat its just horrible i have constant anxiety and i just cant get my mind too rest im always thinking the worst im on meds and im not sure if its helping or making me feel worse but i have a question is there anyone that wakes up with anxiety?? i would wake up feeling anxious and then the crying would start and i... (11 replies)

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