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... When I had the prolonged period, it lasted over 30 days! But again, I was young and not in menopause then. It was due to hormonal imbalance. ... (26 replies)
... ight and has been anywhere from bright red to brownish. Not enough for tampons or pads, but enough to be annoying. Can't wait for the "magic" 12 months without a period to pass and for this to turn from peri to postmenopause! ... (26 replies)
... :wave: Hi ladies, Caring12, I was just wondering who "they" are that you mentioned in your post. Was it a pcp, gyno or other? Nevertheless with the cysts, since they didn't want to remove them, they obviously don't find them a threat. This is very positive! But from what I've read about cevical dysplasia, most cases of cevical dysplasia remain stable, or are eliminated by the... (26 replies)

... Hi. i had this sort happen with the palps and pvcs and i had never had a normal period. should have been a warning. I was dx with fibroids, ovarian cysts and nabothian cysts and hyperplasia. it all come sloughing off it began in april then stopped then began anew in may and did not stop. a month of depo and tons of stuff clots and things as long as six inches came out... (26 replies)
... This is good just for the fact of no more periods! BUT, I do empathize with you that you're still having symptoms, because I do too! I hadn't had a period for 2 months, then on the 3rd month only pink spots. But my med Coumadin was so high, that it causes bleeding actually, ugh lol. ... (26 replies)
... normal during peri. He said he has had many patients going through the exact same thing. He said I should get an ultrasound done more for my peace of mind if the period carries on for a month but according to him it should stop soon as it has a very cyclic pattern . He's increased my dose of bioidentical progesterone though. ... (26 replies)
... I am reading all about the irregular periods.I had some of the same stuff also. i am 52 and last september I had a period then i did not get one again until March. In March i had two periods and i have not had one since. ... (26 replies)
... Thanks Kaz...this is the very first time for me. The longest one I've had was 12 days. The last two periods were very light so this is a regular one. I leave on the 21st. I hope this is the last period and I don't have to go for a D&C. What has been the longest for you? This really sucks because I had nothing for 5 months. Truly appreciate your soothing (26 replies)
... Sorry to hear this period is going on so long, ugh. ... (26 replies)
... I am freaking out 15 and the spotting has turned into a full blown period ! The doctor says it's a mid cycle period and I did have the painful breasts, feeling bloated etc. Anyone else had a period last over 20 days? ... (26 replies)
... Hi Kaz - I did more than explain to my husband & son, I went to the library and picked up a whole lot of books on Menopause and marked the pages etc. My son and husband are very understanding most of the time but sometimes they find it a little difficult. Well, I had a talk with my doctor and he said this is part of the deal and I shouldn't freak out. He was expecting this... (26 replies)
... Hi Karen, Fayan - This is just an update for my fellow peri menopausers - it's day 15 of my cycle, had no spotting on day 13 but sure did start on day 14.5 ( have started counting minutes & seconds ). Now I feel I am going to start the mid-cycle period....will it ever end? I am supposed to be going for a 4-week holiday with my family where we will be travelling to 3-4... (26 replies)
... ear I found this doctor, who specialises in hormones and he was fantastic. He put me on bioidentical progesterone and within 2 months I felt better. I had a huge period in May and then June and then nothing till January 2010, which was a very light period lasting 5 days and then nothing again till June this year and now this. ... (26 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear about what you are going through. I have stopped spotting but not until 28 days from the start of the actual period on June 24th. It just kept getting lighter and lighter until it stopped. ... (26 replies)
... :wave: Hi lovecanada, glad you posted! I can relate with you too! For myself, this pink discharge came, when my Coumadin's (an anti-blood clotting med) INR level became too high, making my blood dangerously thin. It eventually turned into a very light period (which I'm now experiencing; is more like spotting). I had missed 2 months periods prior to this. Was hoping it'd be... (26 replies)
... days being light and then a flow but nothing much, a few clots, and then spotting which is just carrying on. I had a period in May 09, then nothing till Jan 10 then a light period, then nothing till June 10 and then a period, extremely light lasting only 5 days. ... (26 replies)
... :wave: Hi Fayan, glad you're here! Fluctuating hormones is what peri-meno is all about, to which is also the cause for irregualar periods. It seems your body isn't done with the peri phase yet, as it sounds. It's very common actually. I find it sad though, when a woman gets so close to being post-meno, and then has another period (like you did)! That would definitely be an... (26 replies)
... days it was very light, and I thought after no period for 6 months there would be more than this? ... (26 replies)
... My family history for menopause is 57... so I may have a ways to go. I have only skipped one period so far, and dr said it could be 2 - 4 more years!!! I also take some iron but I do not want any synthetic hormonal replacement and that includes birth control pills. But as I mentioned, the natural progesterone is doing wonders. And, I did have the Novasure... (8 replies)
... btw seen a gp and then gyno and a pathologist. they did do biopsies. i guess with the new doppler ultrasounds, kinda cool, they can tell and see more than with the old ones. they did lab work as well. the new ultrasounds with doppler can see amazing things! (26 replies)

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