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... (3 replies)
... I have that as well. I am 42. I am still getting my periods but not regularly. I get almost all the symptoms of menopause. I am not taking any meds and I choose not too. Although I am thinking every little thing that happens in my body something is wrong. It's simply awful. (3 replies)
... Hi everyone!---Been reading around these boards for a while, but this is first post...Hopefully you all will have some answers---for last two weeks, have been having weirdest feeling-mostly in scalp- but also arms and legs occasionally also. It's like a weird burning, tingling, prickling feeling, like if I just scratch my scalp or scratch my arms, then I get that weird... (3 replies)

... It feels at times like my legs and hands are prickling and tingling and at other times, almost a burning sensation. According to another site I'm on, this can be quite common as the estrogen levels drop. ... (8 replies)
Itchy skin back
Oct 11, 2005
... I have a prickling sensation all over my body. It feels like little pin pricks and sometimes I have to itch them. I has this a year and a half ago and now it's back. Yuck. ... (6 replies)
... I get it too! I tried the vitamin B thing but really didn't help me. It's part of the declining estrogen that is causing that itchy, and then burning,prickling or numbing in different parts of the body. Horrible feeling but just tell urself it's part of meno. If it bothers u that much u could discuss with ur gyne or a neurologist (23 replies)
... Yours sounds like mine! The burning and prickling moves around. ... (23 replies)
... I'm going nuts from itching, burning, prickling sensations and sometimes numbness. It moves from one place to another. I'm 55 and thought I'd be done with all these awful symptoms by now. ... (23 replies)
... Thank you so much for your encouraging response! These boards are great because you find out you are not alone in your suffering. The prickling and burning was really bad all day yesterday at work. By evening, fortunately, it settled down. Now it is a new day, so we'll see! ... (23 replies)
... had these symptoms and they were probably some of the most aggravating symptoms of all perimenopause coz u just can't seem to understand why you feel like your skin is burning and why one is so so cold. To reassure you, it does pass. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks for your reply Jude! I'm glad to know someone else has the cold flashes. I am really small, so I wondered if maybe that is the reason I get cold as opposed to hot flashes. I started having regular periods again, just when I thought I was done! Anyway, I hope to get in to see the doctor soon. I hope you will feel better soon too! Viktik (23 replies)
... Flyerfan: You are too young to have these irritating things! I hope your symptoms subside. Ther prickling/burning and itching seemd to come every three days or so, and when it does it's agonizing! I try to keep my mind busy on other things, but it is still there! I hope you get some help from your doctor and feel better soon! Thanks for your response! viktik (23 replies)
... Viktik - I jumped on the board this morning to inquire about the same thing! How ironic. I am experiencing slight burning/prickling, sometimes itchy feeling all over, everywhere! It's driving me crazy. I am 36 and still wondering if I am suffering from peri (seeing doc end of month) and this is just another one to add to my list. :eek: (23 replies)
... I also have had head rushes, and little stabbing pains at mainly the temple, but not the prickling and burning sensations. I'm also 51! Must be the age for it. ... (23 replies)
... I am new to this post as of today. I am 51 and I have had cold flashes more than hot flashes. Also, I get this awful prickling and burning skin all over. It comes and goes, and is very uncomfortable. I also have head flushes. Anyone else experiencing these irritating symptoms? ... (23 replies)
... It's possible HRT could help. It doesn't work for everyone. Did you tolerate birth control well? Then it will probably work for you. If it didn't, there are other options. (3 replies)
... prickling and burning skin stomach problems, including digestive troubles insomnia frequent urination during the night tight leg muscles aches and pains all over major anxiety waves of depression afternoon sleepiness racing heart, flutters, palpitations and tightness in chest (25 replies)
... Hi everyone, Let's compare our symptoms. Here are mine... What are yours? Leg stiffness and weakness Aching in neck, shoulders, hips, ankles Prickling and burning on skin Digestive problems (taking Levsin for this) Upset tummy Cold flashes more than hot flashes (7 replies)
... I think I've answered you before. I do, my right foot and ankle, left side of neck, left hip and buttocks. Agony! I took ATivan before but I have Xanax now. Hope it works on the plane when I leave on Monday. The reason they wouldn't give me ATivan again, coz I was addicted to it before thanks to my doctor. (4 replies)
... it calms the very severe anxiety that I have been dealing with during peri. As I wrote before, I have the burning and prickling on my skin, and it seems worse in the evenings too, so the Ativan is helping with that too. ... (4 replies)

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