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... (3 replies)
... I have that as well. I am 42. I am still getting my periods but not regularly. I get almost all the symptoms of menopause. I am not taking any meds and I choose not too. Although I am thinking every little thing that happens in my body something is wrong. ... (3 replies)
... Looking forward to hearing from some of you so I don't think I'm crazy! ... (3 replies)

Tingling in Skin
Feb 8, 2008
... the back of my legs, it feels like a bad sunburn, my skin feels like its stretching and burns when I stretch my legs out or stand in one place too long, like my skin is too short for the length of my legs and it will tear. ... (5 replies)
Tingling in Skin
Feb 6, 2008
... and almost feels like a burning of the skin. Is this another weird symptom? ... (5 replies)
Tingling in Skin
Feb 6, 2008
... I never had this until after my hyster, and have read several other gals on this board as well. Mine is super severe too, feels like nerve pain all over all of the time, nothing helps. I know my estrogen in very low, so im sure that's it. I also have had several tests, MRI, CAT scans, etc..nothing shows either. ... (5 replies)
Tingling in Skin
Feb 6, 2008
... Hi there, I have had the same problems as you, my GP thought i had MS and i went through all the tests, MRI scans, Spinal tap, CT scans and hundreds of blood tests, all of this over 3 years, seriously i thought i was going to die at certain points, but it has only been the last few weeks that my GP has said that i am going through perimenopause, of cause i am absolutley... (5 replies)
Tingling in Skin
Feb 5, 2008
... Has anyone had problems with tingling in the skin in different parts of the body? ... (5 replies)
Burning skin
Oct 15, 2017
... Yes...I have similar burning sensations that pop up at different times in different places. Sometimes they come with their friend Tingling Sensation... ... (1 replies)
Burning skin?
Feb 13, 2016
... I started having tingling and burning sensations in my feet mainly on the tops. ... (3 replies)
... mg, e 400mg, b100 1 pill, omega 3 300mg, b12 1000mcg, magnesium 400mg. I was taking an alpha lipoid acid but have quit taking that the last few weeks. I read one of the side effects of that is itchy skin. I was terribly itchy. I have been doing some better but it's not gone completely. Thank you for your reply. ... (5 replies)
... ing perimenopausal symptoms.I still get my cycles regularly. I think I know what you mean by the tingling...does it feel like bugs are crawling on you or a drop of water is running down your skin ? ... (5 replies)
... I have burning skin symptoms too and i am not diabetic (5 replies)
... If it is overactive bladder, there are meds that can relax the bladder muscles. I would also check out the possibility of a peripheral neuropathy with your Dr., as that may be treatable as well. ... (5 replies)
... I'm new to this forum - 47, haven't had a period since December. I feel like I'm going crazy! I'm anxious, cry at the drop of a hat, feel like I have to pee all of the time, wake up sweating like crazy, and have these awful, burning / tingling sensations in my shins and legs. Does anyone else feel like this? I'm so worried that something horrible is wrong with me. (5 replies)
... I can't believe this, I have been complaining of so many symptoms to my friends and family this past year and yesterday someone came into my work that is a nurse, which I didn't know she was a nurse. ... (22 replies)
... tingling in my arms, hands and legs and feet. I've also had tingling in the face area.........mouth and tongue. My eyes sometimes feel itchy as sometimes my skin. ... (7 replies)
Skin changes
May 17, 2007
... I've had the crawling feeling...that is one of the 35 symptoms of menopause. Skin, YES definite changes for the worse. As for the hot, I did have tingling in the feet and fingers...but all of these are on the list. Hope you get some relief today. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all. Some of you may recognize me, others may not even know me. I came on these boards in March of 2004 and was a regular at that time. Had everything from tingling to burning, then on to hot flashes, a period every two weeks then it disappeared for a few months, then would come back etc. ... (7 replies)
Panic over health
Jul 28, 2006
... I know we mustn't keep peri accountable of everything, but I assure you, pbjmom, I've had and been having the most amazing symptoms related to this darn menopause. ... (21 replies)

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