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Hello there

I recently developed what I've self diagnosed to be tinea cruris in my groin. Not 100% sure how I got it but I am assuming it's related to a case of ring worm my dog is currently being treated for. From what I've read these are very similar (or the same?) fungi. I am also in the process of thoroughly cleaning my house and shampooing the carpets, etc.

In accordance with what I've read online regarding my symptoms, I have been applying Lamisil 1-2x daily to treat/kill fungus and hydrocortisone 2-4x daily to reduce irritation and redness. Worth noting that there's not really much "itch" associated with this rash...mostly just an unpleasant redness with occasional and minimal discomfort. This has been an issue for almost 1 full week now, and the redness has been progressively darkening/growing. Perhaps the Lamisil is not working? The redness does subside a bit briefly with the hydrocortisone, but by the end of the day/in the morning is bright red again. Am I applying these topical solutions correctly?

Also newly developed- I woke up yesterday with a "patch" of very rough, scaly skin on the left side of my scrotum near the shaft of my penis. It has a "plastic bag" feeling and is also peeling/flaking. Still no itch there either, but slightly more discomfort than the creases of my groin. A bit of redness as well.

Worth noting that the left side of my groin is substantially less red and irritated than the right, but they both seem to be growing in size albeit slowly. I was wondering if there is another OTC topical or perhaps an oral medication to kill the fungus, or what my options are. I'm of course willing to go see a physician but if this is relatively common and can be treated without the need of a face-to-face with an MD that would be preferred.

Thank you!

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