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Hey Chubs, I'll try to cover all of your questions in one post. The "circles" thing is a way to enlarge the opening of your foreskin. What you want to do is take warm/hot soaking baths or showers, this will help the skin become more pliable and easier to stretch. while in the water you'll want to pull your foreskin away from your body, out over the end of your penis. Once there, take your fingers and gently make circular motions around the inside of your foreskin, as you work with it increase the size of the circles so that you are stretching the opening of the foreskin. After several days (maybe a few weeks) of this you'll notice that your foreskin will move easier over the head of your penis and onto the shaft. That smell is probably from a buildup of smegma, no problem here either. Every day you need to wash under your foreskin and the head of your penis to remove it. If there is a buildup of smegma under there (a substance that is creamy colored in consistency) use a bit of oil based lotion to help loosen it a bit, then just wash with warm water. Be careful with soaps, your penis head is going to be sensitive to things for a while, even touch. In time this will lessen as well. That wrinkling you describe is probably normal as well, just remember that the lil guy has been covered and some of this will change as time goes on. Let us know if you need anything else, be patient and consistent in working with things and you'll be just fine!

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