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Hey bud, you're doing OK but I've got some other tips for you. You need to make sure that the opening of your foreskin is large enough to easily slip over the head of your penis and onto the shaft when you're erect. You can stretch the opening with a bit of work. I'd suggest warm/hot soaking baths as this will help the skin be more easily stretched. Take the foreskin and insert a finger or two, then gently pull it away from your body. Once there, work on enlarging the opening, you can make circular motions inside the foreskin by using your fingers. The goal is to increase the diameter so make each circle larger than the first. You can also tug at it in different directions. Do this repeatedly and consistently at least once a day and for a period of time, may take several weeks to see some progress. Hand lotion works well too because you can use it when you're alone and not in a soaking tub. After you've worked with that for a while you may need to work with the length a bit, that one is easy though, just retract it farther down the shaft each time and gently stretch away. Be careful with that frenulum, it can rip or tear and although it'll heal...its a bit painful. I'm not sure you need to see a doc just yet, that is your call. Lets just work on the stretching some to see if things will loosen up. Good luck and please don't worry about getting too graphic here, you're fine with the boards if you use correct terminolgoy and stay away from "slang" stuff. Glad we can help!

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