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Hello. I am circumcised and in the last year or so I have become aware of this growing problem on my glans penis. I noticed that on one side of it the skin seemed to be different. It was wrinkly and had a cluster of these small, flesh-colored flat bumps (about the size of a pin head, maybe smaller). These bumps also began growing around the edge of my penis on the same side while the other side remained fairly smooth and bumpless. I showed them to my doctor who said they were nothing but tiny pieces of skin resting on top of the wrinkles on my penis which makes them appear bumpy. Well that was back in March and since then this condition has slowly spread around to the other side of my glans penis. Now the entire head of my penis is wrinkled and covered in these small flesh colored bumps. The edges are no longer smooth because the little fleshy tabs of skin go all the way around the edges too. When it is wet with saliva for example you can't really quite see the bumps but when it is erect the entire head of my penis looks absolutely groteque. All these tiny bumps are even more visible and pronounced and the whole thing is red and bumpy and wrinkled and just gross looking. The edges all around the glans penis are cracked and frayed. Please, this is killing my self esteem and I don't understand why my penis did this and is not smooth like other guys! I understand keratinzation may play a role, but why does mine look so different than everyone elses? It's just going to keep getting worse and worse and I am only 23 so I shudder to think what it will look like when I'm 35. I am embarassed to have anyone see my penis erect in the daytime or under a light because I am afraid they will be turned off by it. What should I do? Should I see a dermatologust and if I do is there anything he can do to shed this rough skin and get my penis back to some semblance of normal? Is it possible to change skin like this on the penis head or is this something I will have to suffer with and obsess over my entire life?

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