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First and foremost i have had this bump since day 1. After researching i found that skin bridges are what i think happened to me. I have a few but none cause pain and are very small. They are located rite where my shaft meets the skin which was cut. However they are not the issue. Another one on the left side of my penis, just a bit higher than the others, has sealed/healed over the years? When i was younger i could clean what i think must be exfoliated skin from under them. Kinda hard to describe. Ne way i was embarrased so i just ignored them for years. Like i said i believe the bridge may have just sealed itself off over the years and dead skin has been accumulating and its starting to get bigger. Im 22 and i would say that is bout half the size of a tic tac but the same shape. It causes no pain and has never been an issue. Actually my gf prolly gets added pleasure which isnt a bad thing. I guess im just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Or if this something i should worry about.

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