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[QUOTE=an0n;4218842]Hi everyone, I'm hoping to find some answers to my problem on this board.

I am in my mid 20's was always able to retract my foreskin either flaccid or erect without any pain, constriction or discomfort. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed small white patches of rough texture on the inside of my foreskin. Few days later, I had difficulty retracting foreskin when erect. What it appeared to be be a white ring closer to the end of the foreskin that prevents the foreskin to go all over the glans. Being unfamiliar with this condition I forced my skin all the way back, it hurt. As a result, tiny rips on the inner foreskin appeared, surface layer cracks, no blood. As of today I notice some patches of rough texture around where the skin cracked.

I've been researching like a mad man ever since, and the more I research the more I get discouraged... I would like to keep my foreskin.

Now I came to conclusion I either have phimosis or BXO, I am doing stretching exercises when in hot tub for now and hoping that's all it will take.

Can anyone give me a recommendation or share the similar experience and how you dealt with it if possible.

Thank you for your time.[/QUOTE]

We only get one penis and it will last a lifetime. I would see a doc on this one as you don't know what your treating.

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