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for a few months now ive noticed a small bumpy texture on the left side of my shaft. it didnt itch or hurt but i couldnt help but notice it. when i went to my GP he quickly examined the spot and after a few seconds of stretching and moving the skin, he said it was no big deal and nothing to worry about. but he didnt explain what it was or why it showed up.

now its been almost 4 months since then and that spot is still there. if i stretch the skin i can see what sorta looks like black streaks. and now ive noticed underneath my penis theres that odd bumpy texture again but a little flatter and not so distinguished but if you look closely its there on the leftmost side undernath. also on the right side of my shaft there seems to be a dark discoloration .that was there before but not so prominent or as big. when erect the color is hardly noticeable.

lately ive had a slight itchy irritation on the left side of the shaft, not exactly on the spot but near that area. if im completely still i dont notice it, i think its only when my boxer shorts rub against me.

is this something i should be concerned about or get examined right away? i have an appointment with my dermatologist but it isnt until December 6th. since im unemployed at the moment im very hesitant in going to see my GP again or go to the clinic (that is even more expensive but open every day) for a second opinion.

im not sexually active but i do masturbate every now and again. i had been using ID Lubricant [deleted] but after reading some of the reviews on its ingredients, i tossed it and switched to the KY brand. could the lubricant be the cause of this?

i made a post in another forum and it was deleted because i posted photos, but from the photos one member said it looked like 'friction based post-inflammatory pigmentation' which i suppose explains the darker skin color but not about the texture of the skin.

if anyone can give me any info on this, id greatly appreciate it , as it does make me very worrysome that its something bad.

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