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I am a 16 year old male. When my penis is erect, on the shaft of my penis, right under the glans (tip), there is a weird bump under the skin. It is long and fairly thin, It feels like it might be a vein or something, but it feels weird and like it is in a weird location. When my penis is not erect, it is unnoticeable except when i directly look for it i can find it.

It has never hurt to pee and my urine has never been off-colored when i felt it.

Earlier this month i had a small bump on the bottom of the shaft of my penis but on the outside. It was white, but one day i squeezed it and a white substance came out, and it disappeared so i forgot about it, i have no idea if it would have any relationship to this.

In addition, since i was born i have had a ton of really small bumps on the bottom of my shaft, but i have had that my whole life so i never viewed that as a problem, once again i do not know if it is related, i am just trying to give additional information.

I have never been sexually active, so unless there is another way to get a STI that i am unaware of, i doubt it is that.

So i have no idea what it could possibly be, i have been hesitant to go to my parents/doctor yet because first i want to see if it is something really serious, but if it is serious please tell me and i will go to a doctor.

If you think you know what it is/could be, or you wish for more information before diagnosing it, please feel free to post.

Thank you very very much,

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