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Hello, I am 19 this year and I have some problems regarding my penis. First of all, I have foreskin that is hard to retract, sensitive glans, and smegma collection under my foreskin. It's worrying me a lot, as when I try to retract my foreskin when my penis is flaccid, it manages to get pulled down halfway, and it doesn't seem to be able to retract anymore, as it will start to hurt. It's also where the smegma has collected into hard yellow lumps, on the glans, and beneath the glans, under the cavity area. It looks like its as if the smegma is preventing my foreskin to retract any further, is this possible?

1) Is this a possible case of phimosis?

2) Should I be focusing on desensitizing my glans first, loosening the foreskin, or cleaning the smegma first? In what order should I start?

3) Do I do stretching exercises when my penis is flaccid, or erect? Because it's easier to retract the skin when it's flaccid, compared to when it's erect.

4) Is there any cream or lotion that I can get to loosen the skin, or desensitize the glans, or remove smegma?

5) I am also extremely sensitive to pain, especially concerning my penis. I'm afraid of causing further problems to it, so I'm always extremely reluctant to clean it when I'm in the shower. Is there any way that I can be...mentally prepared or something?

6) I've also noticed that my frenulum area is very red, and my glans are pink-ish, and starts to have a pale white color where the smegma collects. Is this...bad?

7) Is desensitizing best done under cold, warm, or hot water?

I can properly masturbate, but still the collection of smegma and tight foreskin concerns me alot. I would like to get some answers, because I'm growing increasingly worried over my problems. Thanks.

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