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... You've probably pulled a hair out and got it infected, that's what I had, grit your teeth and go and see a doctor, Remember you only have fear itself to fear, , if you don't go and sort it out you'll only cause yourself more worry and think of all the things its not. Be good, let me know when you have done it... (1 replies)
... So I noticed today there's a big bump on the shaft that's round and flesh coloured seems there's a hold in the middle that's red and I'm really worried I'm 15 and not sexually active it hurts when I squeeze it a little I guess or pinch (1 replies)
... Hello, I am 16 and I have a red bump on my penis shaft. ... (1 replies)

... on penis or testicles. ... (1 replies)
Bump on penis
Mar 20, 2005
... There is a small bump on the base on my penis, it's not too big it looks like a pimple almost and it has a little black *** at the top. I popped it a little and it started to bleed. I dont know what this is. Does anyone have an idea what it could be and how to treat it? Thanks a lot! (0 replies)
Bump on penis..
Jun 10, 2004
... ish bump on my penis shaft. ... (0 replies)
... Ok, so this was a couple years ago, but I noticed a lump inside the big vein on the top of my penis about midway up the shaft. ... (0 replies)
... t it, my foreskin kinda moved I guess. My frenulum is now almost in the middle of glans and my pee hole is even further up. Behind the frenulum, there is a kinda big bump that its attached to the frenulum and it blocks my foreskin, which means I cant get it totally up. I cant bring together two sides of foreskin. ... (0 replies)
... I thought maybe it was a cyst too but didn't quite sound like it from what I read, I mean the thing was the size of a big pimple. Seemed too small to be a cyst unless I'm wrong. ... (9 replies)
... Hey, i don't know if this is the right section but there was so many i didn't know where to put it. But ive noticed on my testicles and shaft of my penis like white bumps and i cant pop them, they look like pimples that are ready to be popped but there just hard and i have 1 really big bump on my testicle and im pretty worried and i dont want to talk to my dad about it... (0 replies)
Red bump on penis
Feb 22, 2009
... A while ago I had a red bump show up on the shaft of my penis. It actually started out as a big red bump, big as in the size of one of your fingernails. ... (2 replies)
... 15 y/o white male about 5 days ago i realized there was a bump just below the head of my penis i tried to squeeze it but nothing came out now it has gotten bigger and turned red can anyone tell me what this may be and what to do? I'd REALLY appreciate it (1 replies)
... I have a pimple like bump on the shaft of my penis and i was really worried about this I'm 16 years old almost 17 when i pop it white stuff comes out is it possible to have a pimple right there? ... (2 replies)
Bump on penis skin
Mar 10, 2004
... A few days ago i noticed that i had a red bump or lump on my penis. It is not on the penis itself, but on the skin. i am uncircumsised and know that its not on the penis. Ive been puting alchol on it a few times already but doesnt seem to go away. ... (1 replies)
Strange Bump.....
Oct 18, 2002
... I have a question i am asking on behalf of my Fiance. ... (1 replies)
... ive been searching but cant find anything about it. for years now ive had what can only be described as a worm shaped bump in the skin of my penis. it does not hurt and is probably only half an inch below the head. ... (0 replies)
... I noticed the other day that I had a bump on the lower part of my penis's shaft. ... (2 replies)
Bump on Penis
Dec 26, 2004
... I noticed the other day that I had a bump on the lower part of my penis's shaft. ... (0 replies)
... like a hair focle clogged or soemthing... so anyways when i was shaving down there i accidentally cut the bump. Ouch! So the next day i lokked at it and it was a big and red bump now. It also was dischaging white stuff like a pimple. Ive had it for 2 weeks now and it hasnt got better and keeps filling with the discharge.. ... (2 replies)
Bump like thing
Feb 24, 2002
... I have a question Just a few days ago i got this pretty big bump like thing on my foreskin. it is like under the skin on the under side of my penis. At first i thought it was a pimple but it only went down in size a little and it is still there. ... (0 replies)

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