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... hi, my husband has developed a few bumps on his penis, right below the head. he says they hurt and look almost like pimples and blackheads. he wants to pop them but doesn't know if he should. i've had a yeast infection and i heard men can get one from sexual activity with someone who has it. could that be it, or does he have something else? (0 replies)
... I had the same thing, it was a black spot about the size of a grain of sand. Two were a little bigger almost felt like a splinter, the other was small. My wife squeezed them a little and they popped like blackheads. Hurts a little on the squeeze so be gentle. I didn't go to the doctor, but after a little research I think they were blackheads, not an STD. (4 replies)
... ...and remember, real warm water (like a good, "hot" shower) helps open those pores on your scrotum and penis, making cleaning with soap and a wash cloth much easier and more effective for those clogged pores, "blackheads," "pimples," and fordyce spots... Keep your stuff clean (just like your face and other areas that can be acne prone, due to oil glands and the... (5 replies)

... Sort of correct. It's basically a form of acne. If you squeeze a spot on your face, you're spreading the bacterial infection within across your face. The same thing applies for your genitals. All i can say is wash, maybe even use some sort of spot wipes, i don't really know as its sensitive how much it would affect you. In my eyes wait for more replies. (5 replies)
... They are most likely blackheads. Squeezing anything on the penis opens it up to skin infections. ... (5 replies)
... people don't even mention them. They are just sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Sebaceous glands are the ones that produce oil and can get clogged to produce blackheads and pimples. They are all over your body but are more noticeable on the genitals because the skin there is so thin and elastic. ... (5 replies)
... thing kept comming back until it turned into a proper zit and eventually popped properly and went away. Zits are just blocked sebaceous glands that get infected. Blackheads are ones that have not got infected but you don't see a black head on your scrotum much. I think this is just a blocked sebaceous gland. ... (2 replies)
... il glands of your skin. The ones on your genitals are more visible because the skin is so elastic and thin down there. These glands are the ones that can develop blackheads and pimples on your face and back once puberty hits. They don't often do that on the genitals but they can. ... (9 replies)
... ice them. We are in a much better position to see them and belive me, we all study what is going on there....just seems to make sense that we know all about our penis and scrotum, most of us are pretty proud of it and want to take good care of it! ... (4 replies)
... I'd say that is ok. I would be careful around the frenulum, head and foreskin (if you're uncut), those areas could be a bit more sensitive to the alcohol and could possibly create more of a problem. If what you're experiencing seems to be an abundance of blackheads and pimples you might consider seeing a doc to see if there isn't something else you could/should be doing to... (3 replies)
... It is normal for us to have occaisional pimples or pimple like things on our scotum or penis. Remember, it often stays humid and warm there, a real good environment for oils and such. As far as I know there isn't anything you can do. I'd say keep the area really clean and maybe use some powder after a shower. That may help to keep things drier. (3 replies)
... I get these little blackheads and white bumps that are sometimes pus filled on the shaft of my penis and on my scrotum? ... (3 replies)
... I recently noticed these small black little things right below me pubic area and above the middle of my penis So called shaft i think They look like blackheads and they are fairly small but noricibke They are not pooppable as the are part of the skin so it will only bleed a little I am wondering as to what it could be? Disease? Natural? Definitly not ingrown gairs because... (0 replies)
Skin Like growth
Apr 14, 2011
... d size with an extra skin growth on top of it and its lighter a bit than the skin color. It doesnt grow bigger but breaks off and grows again. and have also some blackheads around the base of my penis. Why is that bit of hard skin growth. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for your reply!! I've been dabbing the areas with an alcohol soaked Q-tip to try and dry them out and hopefully scab and fall off. Not so much on the scrotal area but on the shaft near the frenulum. Is this a good idea? Thanks again, I appreciate your input! (3 replies)

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