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... I never felt symptoms of low Testosterone until 4 years ago. ... (1 replies)
... Personally, I'd rather take a shot of T once a week than feel like crap. Increased energy, lower bodyfat, higher libido, more muscle, etc is well worth the 3 minutes it takes to give yourself the shot. ... (5 replies)
... I am still around....I tried the clomid thing but never got the restart and it definitely drove up my E levels as demonstrated by tests and feelling better but not having much libido and ED too. ... (30 replies)

... I myself just completed a Clomid challenge and had my blood draw this AM, to wait a few days to see what happened! ... (30 replies)
... I took clomid for almost a year with my first Endo....trying to get my T production going. It did help but as soon as I tapered off the dosage my T levels fell. ... (18 replies)
... and just ask for Clomid or TRT. Is't positive that the underlying cause is the pituitary. I'm still waiting on results of the MRI. ... (18 replies)
Low Testosterone?
Jun 30, 2010
... is much too low for a 23 year old. The range you were given is not just for your age, but for all men. The lower end might be appropriate for an 80 year old. Your doctor does not sound experienced in low testosterone. ... (2 replies)
... however, it is present in males, albeit at lower levels, as well. It represents the major estrogen in humans. ... (14 replies)
... Free Testosterone 43. ... (2 replies)
... Still not convinced clomid is working but test results will be interesting....and then libido returning will be the ultimate test. ... (51 replies)
... Thanks to all for the responses...these boards, and the shared experiences of all who post, have been more helpful than I can put into words, and I sincerely appreciate the time any/all take to share. To Hayfarmer: my current libido is normal enough, but as with the total T number, I'd wager on the low, low end of things. I didn't even approach the ideas of dating/sex... (7 replies)
... To resolve this you can either lower estrogen, or block it from binding to the hypothalmus. THe best solution is to lower estrogen because it can cause other health problems over the long of which you have already experienced....gynomastia. ... (22 replies)
... I have not taken bromo or the other drug for prolactin but I can tell you that high prolactin can lower testosterone. High prolactin has some effect on the hypothalmus that prevents it from making as much GnRH as it normally would. ... (20 replies)
... In addition as Jinxy said, cut back on alcohol and lose any extra fat if possible. All of these will help. There are also prescriptions you can take to lower E like arrimidex. Finally another prescription drug, clomid, can block the E from attaching to the receptors in your hypothalmus. This can help raise T. ... (11 replies)
... Certainly I was borderline high Estradiol and by LE ranges I was high on E 1 & 2 as well as SHBG and low on Free T and Total T. So, I did a 2 month stint on Vitex that is suppose to "normalize" both a man's and woman's Prolactin and E levels. It worked like gangbusters the first week and then slowly lost its effectiveness. Then, at it's recommended dose, seemed to have some... (6 replies)
... I remember now. SHBG is the primary reason Free T would be low....if SHBG is high. SHGB binds with T so the higher it is the lower free T is. Albumin is the second most predominant protein to bind with T. I think you probably know all this. Did u have SHBG and albumin checked? ... (6 replies)
... once on TRT for even a few weeks one's own natural production will start to be shut down. This can soon become permanent and will result in an even lower T level unless your dose is adjusted upward. ... (20 replies)
... Your doctor is probably not familiar with using clomid or HCG on men. ... (12 replies)
... mL. Started Clomid a few days ago. ... (25 replies)
... ml. But it is quite unusual that your E2 is that high while at the same time your T is low. That is a red flag to me. I think clomid is definitely worth a try to see what happens. ... (25 replies)

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