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... For the next year that cut healed, and turned into a white hard tissue. If the tissue is wet, it becomes soft and can be 'picked off' in water. ... (0 replies)
... ed since i was 18 with no issues, i once tried an old spice soap and it irritated me, but this unscented soap has done nothing to me. Well the next day the inner foreskin was red and puffy, irritated like when i experimented with the old spice soap. I let this heal, and sure enough next time i try to clean it it repeats. ... (8 replies)
... drinks a week. I'll cut out the alcohol and try the tea tree oil. ... (7 replies)

... Hi, I finally decided to go to the doctor to have my foreskin pulled back because the adhesions were too much to deal with on my own. ... (2 replies)
Foreskin streches
Nov 28, 2006
... r the first time with her. After we did it I noticed I had tiny cuts on my forskin then after a while it seems like they were healing and made it hard to pull my foreskin back when erect when before I had no problem at all. It was a huge pain! ... (3 replies)
... It has gotten to the point now where I prefer to sit down to urinate as I don't have to pull the foreskin back and run the risk of opening the cut again. It's not a deep cut, and it never bleeds. It is merely a little raw. ... (1 replies)
... and though I had lived in dry areas before, I have been living in a very humid climate for the past several years. ... (4 replies)
... month dry spell, and we do have sex on a fairly regular basis and, I'll be honest, it can get quite rough. ... (1 replies)
... an extremely sensitive glans which made it impossible to have sex. I just couldnt stroke due to the extreme sensitivity and the foreskin which when retracted felt like a tight rubberband just below the glans. Not to mention the smegma which would get accumulated under the foreskin and smell bad. ... (2 replies)
Jun 16, 2011
... I replace the foreskin to the normal position, however, there is still some sort of small gap where you can see the top of the glans. ... (16 replies)
Jul 15, 2010
... However, the tip of my foreskin has always been very tight around the head of my penis. ... (9 replies)
... cut, if you still have the full foreskin then you need to pull the skin back and wash daily with soak and rinse REALLY GOOD all the soak and then dry the area this should help reduce the smell, as for the discharge... its natural lubricant that the body makes. ... (2 replies)
... First, are you cut or uncut? ... (1 replies)
... About 2 months ago I discovered that the foreskin of your penis is supposed to retract. I'm 18. ... (3 replies)
... I was instructed to insert my small finger covered in ointment into my foreskin to apply the said ointment to the inner skin, and this process does not cause any discomfort at all. ... (3 replies)
... The only time I thought I had a yeast infection, I left the foreskin retracted, and pulled the head out through my underwear, leaving the foreskin held back by the cotton. The redness was gone in about four hours. After washing, dry it with a hair dryer. ... (9 replies)
... of the shower. Imagine coping with this without a foreskin to retreat into. That's what guys who get circumcised as adults have to do. They also sometimes take months to heal properly and for the swelling to go down. ... (14 replies)
I've had it!
Oct 31, 2003
... Over time it became dry and cracked, off and on as you stated. Off and on, it was sore a bit and itched on ocassion. It also spread around my foreskin at times then went away at that spot. That is when it itched the most, around my foreskin. It grew and shrunk over time and moved around the gland a bit. ... (48 replies)
... You should be able to move your foreskin back and forth over the head. It should glide smoothly back and forth like that. ... (6 replies)
Cut/ Uncut
Jul 22, 2003
... thanx for the replies, but I guess everyone's divided over this subject. thanx to you as well JDinCA. the truth is it's not only cleaning it. most girls prefer cut guys, and are kind of "freaked out" by an uncut penis. ... (27 replies)

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