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... The boobs probably won't go a way but may shrink some if you get proper treatment. 200 mg every 2 weeks is way too much T and not often enough. You are on a T rollercoaster. ... (4 replies)
... If the shots are given in proper dose they should not have any sgnificant side effects. You will have some minor soreness at the injection site for a couple days. You must monitor total T level and estradiol when taking any T replacement to be sure they don't get too high and to make sure T is high enough to do any good. If either of them get too high you can have side... (4 replies)
Low Testosterone?
Jun 30, 2010
... low for a 23 year old. The range you were given is not just for your age, but for all men. The lower end might be appropriate for an 80 year old. Your doctor does not sound experienced in low testosterone. ... (2 replies)

... ut we do know total T at 500 is low for your age. At 32 you should be aware that any type of T supplement like androgel will make your body stop making T. Your testicles will shut down and you will become relatively infertile. Your testicles are also likely to shrink. ... (27 replies)
... Can you tell me more about Vitamin D deficiency in relation to low testosterone? I have mysterious low/normal T with a lot of symptoms and recently found out my Vitamin D is 22 with a reference range of 32-100. I've heard a couple scattered references to the idea that low D can cause low T, but I can't find anything on it. ~John (5 replies)
... are about this and don't want any more children then T replacement is fine. You can also combine T replacement and HCG which is what I do because the HCG alone does not get my T high enough. Be aware there are no long term studies on the safety of long term HCG use, only anecdotal evidence. ... (5 replies)
... ing and investigation. The problem is most doctors do not know much about how to treat and diagnose male hormone issues. You may have trouble finding one that does no matter what kind of doctor you go to. My suggestion is to skip the trial and error and go to one you know will be able to help. ... (8 replies)
... your testicles shrink. Mine still hang. Never heard of them drawing inside the body due to TRT. Yes I still ejaculate. ... (19 replies)
... hypogonadism. To do this test total T, LH, FSH, SHBG all at the same time. For primary LH and FSH will be high even though T is low. The brain is telling the testicles to make more T but they can't. ... (7 replies)
... He can't get an erection. He states that his hormone levels are fine but I think maybe its the blood flow issue as at one point he was almost 500 lbs. He had the lap band surgery so now he is about 300 lbs. He is 6 feet tall. Unfortunately the weight issue caused many irriversable health problems. D (5 replies)
... Shrinking testicles is usually a sign of secondary hypogonadism, meaning low testosterone. The pituitary gland in the brain sends LH and FSH to the testicles to tell them to make Testosterone and sperm. ... (5 replies)
... I have not heard of any connection between testosterone level and growth in height. Most likely he would have grown that tall anyway. I would not suggest taking any testosterone supplement. ... (3 replies)
... ly you are secodary considering your age. Secondary means LH is normal or low even though total T is low. LH is the hormone from your pituitary that tells your testicles to make more T. ... (3 replies)
... You could try HCG with it. It will keep the testicles from atrophy. If they atrophy they will shrink and become soft. Also sperm count will drop dramatically with atrophy. ... (13 replies)
... Even if you did I think HCG injections should be taken along with the testosterone to prevent testicular atrophy where the testicles shrink, shutdown and stop making T and sperm. ... (2 replies)
... If that does not work them you may need to add some testosterone in the form of injection every week or a compounded testosterone gel every day. ... (4 replies)
... T might be my best option. She told me my prolactin and estradiol, despite being above range, are not high enough to be abnormal. She wants me to try a course of testosterone to see if conditions improve. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks again. I wish it didn't take so long for Testosterone to rise in the system. ... (8 replies)
... espond to the clomid but did not like the side effects from it. This tells me your problem is probably with your hypothalmus. THe hypothalmus has receptors for testosterone and uses the receptors to sense and judge if your T level is high enough or not. The T molecules can bind to the receptors in the hypothalmus energizing them. ... (13 replies)
Low testesterone
Oct 9, 2006
... I'm not familiar with Testred but I'm assuming its some kind of testosterone replacement? ... (11 replies)

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