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... I was reading one of the other closed posts on this topic and decided to share my story. I'm a circumcised male with dry flaky skin on the glans. It has been present for nearly 10 years. I have been to my family doctor, a urologist and two dermatologists. ... (0 replies)
... For the last 6 months i've been having problems with the skin on my penis. after i get through masturbating my penis would get red and burn. after a while the skin would flake off and new skin would appear but it would return as wrinkly skin. is this some kind of skin disease? ... (1 replies)
... I have dry flaky skin on my penis head. Its similar to when you have chapped, dry lips and you could pull the skin off.. ... (9 replies)

... Now I'm trying to get sexually active and these discolorations bother me. There is also the problem of dry flaky skin on the penis glans and a few raised white spots near the meatus that the doctor said are normal. What are these and how can I get rid of these? ... (0 replies)
... the skin on my penis has been very prone to becoming red, dry, flaky, etc. It doesn't itch but can be sensitive to touch or heat. ... (0 replies)
... a...patch of skin that has been dry and flaky. ... (0 replies)
... So far, I've been treating it with a Hydrocortisone cream. The skin is no longer flaky or dry, but the discoloration is still partly there. I have sort of accepted this, and I was going to live with this, but I'll give the Destin treatment a try.. ... (9 replies)
... i have a small narrow patch of skin that has been dry and flaky. ... (38 replies)
... nk is a yeast infection, possibly candidaisis, but I'm starting to think it's Inverse psoriasis triggered by yeast growth. The infection started in may 2003 only on the scrotum, has since moved to the anus, the hairy bit above the penis, the base of the bottom of the penis. ... (5 replies)
... Let me ask, are you uncut or cut,and do you use any lubrication when you masturbate. Any lotion would probably help you. (1 replies)
... sex in 22 months, when we have sex she is very tight, she says she likes to clinch her muscles. But after a few times of having sex I have noticed that I have a dry flaky sometimes painfull feel just under the rim on both sides when erect. ... (1 replies)
... The skin on the shaft of the penis is sometimes dry, itchy and sometimes strips off as dead skin. It appears and persists for a while on only one side. Any suggestions of what it is and what could cure the problem? ... (2 replies)
... The skin underneath was shiny and red. I used Neosporin over a 5 week period until it began to be painful yesterday after washing with soap. ... (38 replies)
... its a patch of skin on the penis that is red and flaky ... and when i used this cream the flakyness was this patch of skin looks like a bald spot still red, but not flaky anymore. ... (38 replies)
... How long have you had this red dry skin on your penis? ... (38 replies)
... laying basketball... not an excuse, but it was already 11pm at night and the kids are asleep so i didn't want to wake anyone.. and the next day, i notice the red on the right side openning of my penis.. not sure what it is.. but it seem to be the same issue as this board is having.. ... (38 replies)
... Think I have same thing, funny thing is I do drink alot of beer, and it does seem to reappear after a long weekend of drinking. It comes and goes, no pain, irritation or anything. I was thinking it was yeast related due to all the beer, find anything else out yet? (38 replies)
... c i didnt shower until the next day. I had this dry crusty patch on my penis head when i woke up one morning. I kinda freaked and jsut picked it off with my fingernails, it was about the size of a grain of rice. ... (38 replies)
... the patch comes back. Also, if I eat too many sweets, then it reappears. Now, its more like a scar than a dry, flaky patch. Do you guys drink a lot of beer? ... (38 replies)
... It's just dry and red, a tiny bit flaky. No bumps, no ooze. Nothing else. I've had one before, smaller, and it just went away after a couple of days. ... (1 replies)

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