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... As for vaseline, well it might help to stop your clothes sticking to your newly exposed glans and the wound area, which may be beneficial to you. On the other hand it will then need a bit more effort to wash it off so you can clean the wound. ... (3 replies)
Apr 14, 2007
... en lots of posts on other sites as well as here. Some men have an easier time than others but most suffer bruising and swelling, hypersenitivity from their newly exposed glans rubbing on clothing and need to abstain totally from sex and masturbation for six to eight weeks. ... (9 replies)
... try six weeks of touching with nothing except water, or a lubricated finger, and see if there is a difference. leave the glans exposed when you are able, and see if any of this helps. ... (5 replies)

... I would dry it with a hair dryer in the morning after a shower, wear briefs, and pull just the glans out through the briefs hole, so that the glans is exposed all day. ... (30 replies)
... Try stretching the frenum. When showering with warm water, let the spray move over the exposed glans, then gently turn the penis so the you can grip the frenum and stretch it out. ... (9 replies)
... The recovery time for a circumcision is 6-8 weeks, to be fully healed. The amount of time it takes to loosen a tight foreskin through daily stretching, or daliy stretching and betamethasone cream, is 6-8 weeks. The sensitivity of the head when first exposed, is unavoidable, with either method. Good luck with it. (9 replies)
Apr 13, 2005
... rs hate it. They miss the gliding action of the foreskin that acts like lubrication during sex and masturbation and many suffer from intense sensitivity of their exposed glans, swelling and other healing problems. Once it's gone there is no going back. ... (6 replies)
... ng to take some time and patience to fix. Just relax and take it easy. If you went and got cut the whole process of healing and adjusting to having a permanently exposed glans would probably take a lot longer than this is going to take, even with this set back. ... (48 replies)
... me as if it was done at birth. The only difference is in the sensitivity of the glans. This takes time to settle down if the glans is not used to being regularly exposed beforehand and there is some thought that with years less rubbing on clothes the glans retains more sensitivity than if the man was circumcised at birth. ... (37 replies)
... ssing has been accumlating for years that i could not retract the foreskin at all, which is kinda making it slightly painful as it seems to stick the foreskin to glans in someway? ... (2 replies)
... It's not going to bleed or fall off. Go buy some lubrication like KY or Astroglide, lube up your exposed glans and lightly masturbate. ... (3 replies)
Weird foreskin?
May 18, 2003
... but straight away it begins to move back down the shaft, exposing the glans again. This makes it very sensitive and painful, when the exposed glans rubs against my clothes. So i figure it may be to do with the opening being too this correct? ... (2 replies)
... during intercourse or when erect. When I have attempted this, I have experienced pain or uncomfortable feelings and it does not seem to retract past the glans without lube. ... (1 replies)
... He told me to apply johnson baby lotion on the head and exposed area when penis foreskin is down and then sleep. In morning while taking shower clean it and try retracting the foreskin. ... (4 replies)
... Jimmy, the swollen ring, is that on the shaft or glans or both? ... (2 replies)
... even your own saliva. If you use a mild soap in the shower, you could also soap up your exposed penis with that. ... (7 replies)
... Huh. I'd never thought I had phimosis. My foreskin can reveal all of my glans and it's only when I have an erection and the foreskin is pulled that it hurts, and even then it's only after the glans is already fully exposed. ... (6 replies)
Nov 11, 2013
... I can understand your comment about the pain of touching your glans. When I first started to retract my foreskin, there was a burning sensation if I touched the exposed penis head. ... (5 replies)
... this is normal because the head has never been exposed. When I first started retracting my foreskin, touching my glans produced an almost unbearable burning sensation. ... (5 replies)
... If you don't retract your foreskin regularly in the shower and wash that area, you might have balanitis. If you do wash your exposed penis head regularly, you might have a reaction to the soap. ... (1 replies)

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