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... My frenulum is a little short as well, but I will try to make it a bit longer with exercises, so we are on the same boat, haha! ... (7 replies)
... When my penis is flaccid, I can pull my foreskin back perfectly well, wash the head and then my foreskin is pretty loose. However, the foreskin will stay half way down the penis head unless I stretch it back over. ... (1 replies)
... If your frenulum is too short, it pulls the head downward, towards your toes. ... (5 replies)

... The foreskin is supposed to retract all the way back flat with the shaft exposing the entire head. ... (9 replies)
... those veins are the life of your penis...they carry the blood. All of us have a scar that runs the length of our penis from scrotum to tip of the foreskin, that is left over from our development as a male in our mothers womb. ... (6 replies)
... hey! i have another question, i think my foreskin is too short cuz like when i where pants sumtimes it restracts by itself leaving the head exposed (all of itexcept the end of the head), it gets rrly uncomfortable and gets annoying and stings also. does anyone knoe y this is? normally when its normal it covers the whoel head, well eberything except where my peehole is...... (82 replies)
... Foreskins come in all configurations - just like penises. Not all foreskins cover the glans - even when flaccid. It is quite common in fact to have an intact foreskin that only covers part of the glans, and disappears altogether during an erection - especially in some ethnic groups. (1 replies)
... My foreskin does that too. I find in the summer it's worse. I have been stretching mine for awhile now and I have better coverage but not always. ... (3 replies)
... Let me start off by saying that circumcision is NOT an option for me, so please do not mention it as a solution. ... (2 replies)
Short foreskin?
Oct 10, 2011
... Normally the foreskin covers the entire penis when flacid. Do I understand that at one time it did and after some stretching it now 'hangs up' behind the glans. ... (1 replies)
... All my life, i have never retracted my foreskin and had no idea i have too. Until last month. Imagine my shock when i found out i have phimosis on top of frenulum breve. ... (1 replies)
... Lately I have been stretching my foreskin and now I can pull it back about half way, I was prescribed 0. ... (2 replies)
... while having sex for first time. I hope that's not my case either since all people having that prob claimed that they were unable to pull the foreskin behind the glans. ... (5 replies)
... Yellowish manually and it has stayed away, been about 3 hours now and my foreskin is is still loose. ... (8 replies)
... and yes, that's what it is. It appears to me that my frenulum is perhaps too short. ... (2 replies)
... Many men have extra long foreskins. I have seen photos of men whose skins hung about an inch over the head over their flaccid penis. While erect their glans or head would barely be uncoverd. Quite normal. I would be proud if I had a foreskin, long or short.. -h (8 replies)
... Exactly where is the skin attached? ... (10 replies)
... It sounds like you may have phimosis and a short frenulum. Phimosis is when the foreskin is too tight to be retracted over the glans. The frenulum is the piece of skin on the underside of the penis that attaches the foreskin to the penis. ... (8 replies)
This is crazy.
Oct 27, 2004
... Sounds like you really need Bethamethasone ointment but you can only get that on prescription. The application method is to put the tiniest smear on just the tight part only, so it should not affect the rest of your body. ... (99 replies)
This is crazy.
Oct 27, 2004
... And there's definately something wrong with my frenelum. I think it's far, far too short. ... (99 replies)

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