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Itchy Scrotum
Jun 13, 2015
... Hi, I can understand how you must feel about this. You could try an Antihistamine as it could be allergy related which also brings me to another point being your clothes detergent also when you shower don't use soap on that area. If you wear Jeans or close fitting under pants, both can cause friction in this area. When at home just wear loose boxing shorts/pants or even... (3 replies)
... Donald, I have found that red scrotum syndrome is sometimes used as a 'catch-all' by some doctors that do not completely understand the condition. Not to say this the case in your situation but I hope that you have seen a specialist like a dermatologist. Some people that have been diagnosed with RSS are placed on different cremes and it seems that each person reacts... (2 replies)
... seen by over a dozen different doctors with no clue to treat me. Anyhow when I attended this Dr , within 5 minutes he had diagnosed me with painful burning red scrotum syndrome and told me he had successfully treated it before. ... (0 replies)

... There are a lot of chronic red scrotum syndrome threads on this board to look through. ... (3 replies)
Red Scrotum Issue
Oct 11, 2012
... r "for jock itch". I would recommend a spray or spray powder as creams are messy in hairy areas. I would dry thoroughly after showering and wear cotton boxers or loose underwear that gives your affected area air ventilation. Use the spray twice a day for 2 weeks or until all signs of redness are completely gone. ... (7 replies)
... This may be of limited use to you as my scrotal problem is a different one from yours as there is no itching. But not washing helped - and I mean long term not washing it so it didn't get wet ever. Like I say different problem so might be the opposite of what you need. I now get by with just a regular light dusting with talc (cuts moisture and friction, but too much strips the... (2 replies)
... my pharmacist has added clotrimazole anti fungal cream otc. Taking frequent showers helps, dry scrotum with a hair dryer after shower, it must be dry. The scrotum is a peti dish for growing all sorts of unwanted organisms. ... (1 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 1, 2011
... weeks from a protected encounter I noticed irritation on scrotum and red dots on groin. No blisters, puss, etc, no fever. ... (43 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 1, 2011
... weeks from a protected encounter I noticed irritation on scrotum and red dots on groin. No blisters, puss, etc, no fever. ... (43 replies)
Red scrotum
Nov 1, 2011
... We might be dealing with different underlying causes. I find loose boxers help. ... (30 replies)
Red scrotum
Oct 17, 2011
... Hi Joe, Kurajan Here. First of all to answer your question, yes Doxy is the main but not only ingredient in these tab,s they are used to treat roseca and burning skin syndrome. I had a bit of an out break last week, but only lasted two days, and at its worst was only 50% as bad as it was before, i simply put that oil solution on i mentioned and took the oil orally... (30 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Jun 3, 2011
... I went to the doc and showed him my scrotum and he said he didn't see anything. I'm like, it's bright red how can you not see that? ... (44 replies)
My problem
Nov 7, 2010
... Now I'm not saying that everyone has the same issues, but my issues were red burning scrotum with the head of penis chapped and red. My scrotum would burn when my laptop was on it, it would burn when I ate high sugars, wheat, and wore loose boxers. ... (105 replies)
My problem
Jul 8, 2010
... Crazy thing is that if a doc said loose a ball and all the discomfort would go away for good.... that would be a fair deal right now. ... (105 replies)
Chronic problem
Sep 17, 2009
... s was Sept 04.Like most all else here, freaked out thought the worst rushed to the Docs for tests. All negative! Well then I got a boil on my inner thigh near my scrotum which turned into a resistant staph infection and was put on Levaquin. ... (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Sep 16, 2009
... er sitting or bowel movement my scrotum and foreskin gets really really red to the point i can see the blood vessel RED CRIMSON , so now I'm experiencing a red scrotum and a red foreskin, and weird color gland. Sometime out of the blue i get this intense itch, last few minutes then subsides. ... (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 12, 2009
... Rugby fan, thanks for your detailed response and sharing your treatments with us. I am due to go and see a homeopathic guy in 2 weeks. I hope he is as good as the guy you saw. Oreo, I am of the opinion that my problem may be nerve related, but as I have stated before I had redness on my sack and thighs at the start of all this 4 years ago. My sack now is a dark brown... (100 replies)
... sensation, at times more noticable after being up and around or when I am driving a long time or sitting . It is also more noticable when the skin on my sack is loose than when it tightens up.Also I have noticed that the more I mess with it the more noticable it gets. Again today seems a little better. ... (9 replies)
... Yeha tried that , just temporary relief. I tried mega different things, and was skeptical because no one had a solution. ask your dermatologist and if you have it bad ask him for the two things that combat yeast, hydro (vytone cream 1%) .. and something else... (10 replies)
... I don't know if this will help or hinder, but I've read that peroxide, the same stuff you put on cuts and scrapes, can be used for a dozen different purposes. The doctor's use it to clear the ear canal, and I've been told to use it/can be used in your nose to clear bacteria that causes alergy simptyms. It's also used as a mouth wash. I've read that using about 2 cups in bath... (10 replies)

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