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... Hey there, In the last few days or so I have felt a tingling sensation on the top of my penis. It's like a stinging sensation, mainly at the tip of the penis but there's general discomfort all round the downstairs area, the scrotum etc. Today I've noticed there's also pain at the back of my left leg. With my leg it's not really a pain, just a sort of numbing feeling. ... (1 replies)
... Peeing right now really hurts and I pee often... ... (3 replies)
... Also, even without peeing when I just put pressure or squeeze the head, it stings for a second. So it's not really the act of peeing that makes it sting, it's just that the head of my penis stings from the pee flowing I believe. ... (3 replies)

... I have been to the doctors and he says that i have thrush but i know that i havn't. I havn't had sex either. This is something i have never seen or heard about before. Thanks TopGeek. (4 replies)
... stings when i pee and urethra hole is a little red and irritated. No kidney or back pain and no other discomfort. ... (4 replies)
... well my gf put a cotton bud down my pee hole and now it really stings wen i pee cud this be because of a infection should i see a doctor or wait a while it was only last nyt plz help and thank you plz doont ask y it happend its sort of a long story lol (2 replies)
... Hi, I am a male and have been having some problems with ejaculation, they consist of 1. I only really get a nice orgasm if I lay on my back as strange as it sounds any other position I get into and ejacualte it's really uncomfortable and isn't pleasant at all, also my sex drive is really low 2. Don't know if this is a common thing but if I ejaculate and go to the... (1 replies)
... I have had this condition of tiny capillaries and red testicles for a year now. It also stings when I pee due to redness at the opening of my penis. The redness on my testicles is only on the front and sometimes it tingles. ... (0 replies)
... If you have been to the doctor and he said it is thrush, did he give you something to treat it. You don't have to have sex to get thrush or cystitis, try canesten cream. You can buy it over the counter from your local pharmacy. (4 replies)
... Thrush is a possibility as it can be caught from the atmosphere. However, as it's a yeast, I think it would itch rather than sting. (4 replies)
... There are a few possible reasons for this. They range from, a scratch in the urethra due to the passing of a small stone, to an infection such as cystitis. You should really check with your doctor who can do a quick urine check for the presence of white blood cells that confirm an infection. Five days on antibiotics will fix that. (4 replies)
... ok thanks alot m8 dont worrie she aint tryin out new now lol (2 replies)
... Your penis is very sore and irratated/pruised a bit on the inside. It will take a few day, but is should be fine. If not, you need to see your doctor. This is not a good game to play with your girl friend! Suggest to her, to play another game. (2 replies)
... Hi, i have the exact same thing but i only have the pain sometimes but also I remember having this pain when i was a small child(im 16 now) and i kept on thinking that this was normal to humans(my mistake) because nobody told me. It hurts like hell. I dont know what to do and i would like to know what the outcome of your problem was. (15 replies)
... ained something, a minor injury that would heal itself, or if it is urgent to see someone about this. the pain is very bad, enough to make me wish i never had to pee again. there is slight redness around the penis hole. ... (15 replies)
Feb 25, 2008
... I have this stinging feeling on the tip of my penis evertime I pee ,Its okay during but when I finish its mildly stings for a while ,any ideas. ... (2 replies)
... omg ouch i washed my penis head with soap today, ive done it before and ive had no problems now it stings and burns when i pee! could this be another sign of yeast infection? ... (29 replies)
... hello I am 28 years old and sexually active, i have been with the same girl for 3 years About 8 weeks ago my right testicle started to ache a little (no redness, heat etc... also,once or twice over the past 8 weeks it feels like it my whole scrotum that aches... it doenst last long), its not hugely painful but noticeable. I went to the doctors and was told it was... (0 replies)

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