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... part of the scrotum. It's practically where the scrotum connects to the rest of the body. I experience a sharp pain from the lump when it is pinched. It's firm, rather than hard, and it does not move around under the skin. It also doesn't seem connected to the testicles. ... (2 replies)
... mm on my scrotum and have had it for about 3 years now. ... (0 replies)
... Hello all, I am a 19 year old male and for about a little over a month I have had this little lump on the very top of my left scrotum. It is small, probably less than 1 centimeter in diameter. ... (0 replies)

... A while ago I discovered a soft lump about the size of a walnut, located in the scrotum just above my right testicle. Its soft, it can be moved around and it seems to be seperate from the testicle. ... (1 replies)
Lump on scrotum?
Sep 12, 2008
... For a while now, maybe 3 months? or longer, I've had a red bump on my scrotum. Looks sort of like a zit but I'm pretty sure it isn't that or an ingrown hair. It feels sort of hard when I squeeze it but it doesn't hurt. Seems to be slowly getting larger. I know, go see a doctor. But until then, anyone know what that could be? Is it something I need to have checked ASAP, or... (1 replies)
... Recently when taking a bath, I felt a lump between my scrotum and anus, right below my butt crack. It doesn't pertrude out from the skin, but seems attached. ... (0 replies)
... IF they suspect cancer they will want to remove it. Removing just the tumor is not done, unless it's your only testicle. They will do it Laproscopiclly. i.e. Key Hole surgery. They will remove it up through your abdomen, not your scrotum. I had an Undescended Testicle removed the same way, and it was no big deal. It was outpatient, and I was almost fully recovered in a week. ... (12 replies)
... ello iam jamie iam 17 years old and live in england, since the age of about 14 i have had a lump in my left testicle that varies in size, literally some days the lump can be as big as the testicle itself, when its like this my left testicle can look double the size of my right one. ... (3 replies)
... After that I scraped out the hair and follicle and then wrapped the towel around my scrotum completely and then laid in the fetal position and passed out. When I woke up I used alcohol to clean the wound. ... (12 replies)
Lump on testicle
Dec 26, 2007
... I'm a teen, and am worried. I have a lump on one of my testicles and am unsure what it is? ... (2 replies)
... i've had a lump on top of my testicle for 4 years. it's an epididymal cyst also called a spermatocele. mine hurts all the time. ... (1 replies)
... I considered the infection angle and was very careful to disenfect my instrument and the area of insertion and then aft;) er The trauma I applied a triple antibiotic, i still have some pain but at least I can sleep at night and the lump SEEMS to be getting smaller,now my question is this,was or is this lump on the inside or the outside ???? (3 replies)
... Somehow I don't think poking holes in your scrotum is a good may have opened it up to infection.... ... (3 replies)
... a pecan sized lump formed in the scrotum and its very painfull,I work in the Alaskan outback and I cant get to a doctor,so I pocked a small hole in this thing and some blood and puss came out but it still enlarged and is painfull,what is this thing and what can I do,is it a cyst???:confused: (3 replies)
... I'm 21, and found a lump in my scrotum a little while ago. I know this could be very bad, and I should have gone to the doctor a while ago, but I'm absolutely terrified to do so. ... (0 replies)
Lump in scrotum
Jul 16, 2006
... hard lump in his scrotum. ... (0 replies)
Testical Lump
Jun 14, 2006
... I've noticed a pea sized, hard lump on my scrotum. Its under the skin but not actually attached to my testical, and its quite painful when i apply pressure to it. ... (4 replies)
... I noticed a lump in my scrotum, about the size of an almond. It felt like cartlidge, and was not attached. After a day or 2, I squeezed. It then got bigger, and bigger. ... (0 replies)
Found a lump.....
Jan 16, 2006
... I have been to the doctors today because of a lump that I found in my scrotum. To go with the lump I also have a dull aching pain in my hip area and a similar pain in the left hand side of my bladder. ... (1 replies)
I have a lump
Jan 7, 2006
... in my scrotum and in my stomach ... its inside lumps you cant see it but i can feel it.... im scared cuz i dont know what they are... ... (4 replies)

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